Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Return Of The Drama Llama

So here's the thing.... My hair is a hot mess.  That pretty much sums up this whole situation. 

Whether or not it's growing any faster than normal is absolutely unknown.  No... no that's not true.  It's growing just as fast as it did any other time.  The only difference is my hair is now two different textures.  The front still has remnants of the perm and it's longer than the rest so it's smoother, the back on the other hand is nice and curly because the last hair cut took out the perm! I thank my parents for the curly hair... but not today, today is hot and humid and my hair, once again, said eff it, I quit.... the only difference this time is I didn't rush home from work and take the clippers to it like I did four weeks ago.  

Has it been that long already?  

I'm probably the only person on the planet waiting for the cooler temperatures of Autumn to arrive .... so I can put on a hat!  ha!

And that concludes today's drama.  Thank you, thank you very much (I said that last part in my Elvis voice)

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