Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Side-Eyeing SmileBox

A while back I wrote a blog about Smilebox.  An online digital scrapbooking site that I still use today.  I'm still happy with it but I notice one change they made that I'm not happy with.  

Used to be that the FREE scrapbook templates were totally free, as in you can create it, share it, and save it to jpg or burn it to disk.  Now you can only share it and not save it to jpg or burn it to disk without PAYING.  

What the.....???   ???   ???   ? ? ?? ????

I don't know how I feel about that.

A one year subscription amounts to $3.99USD a month, paid in full upfront.  Or pay per monthly usage for about $6USD.  It's still not expensive if you are someone like me who likes to scrapbook memories but doesn't have the time, patience or know-how to create fancy smancy ones by hand. 

The last scrapbook I made was an 8x8 album for my Mom.  It was filled with photos from her birthday party last year.  She loved it.  The Smilebox has many birthday themes and I mixed and matched pages from a few of them to create one cute book. I purchased the album from a craft shop and just had to insert the printed pages within the protective sheets. 

I know this sort of sounds like an advertisement for Smilebox, but it isn't, because they didn't give me a free years subscription, or even a month for that matter.  But if you have a bunch of photos on your computer of your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, graduation, wedding, vacation.... put them in a scrapbook!!!! Trust me it is so easy with that program.  Just save them to disk and get them printed at Walmart, or CostCo (which is a whole lot cheaper than Walmart I may add!!) and run over to Walmart or Michaels Craft shop to pick up an album to slide the pages in.  Baddaboom, baddabing. easy, peasy.  

I'm still not happy that Free ain't really Free no more.  

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