Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Made It To London

We made our way to London on August 30th.  We had a hotel room for the last couple of days of our vacation.  The other attractions we wanted to see were in London and our hosts live quite a distance away so we all took the train into London and rented a hotel for the following three days.

Of course, by this time I was madly sick with a cold!  Yes, the cold weather and inappropriate clothing caused me to catch a bad head cold.  I did my best to keep it from travelling down into my chest but by the time our vacation came to an end, that head cold was heading south!

As we exited the train station I was walking around looking for a pharmacy while snapping photos with the camera.  The funny thing......   An announcement came over the loud speaker saying "flash photography is not permitted within these premises".  I didn't hear it at first, my husband did and he told me so I thought he was joking because he was laughing so I continued to take pictures!  Ya, I heard it the second time though.  I panicked.  I can imagine the security guards in watching the surveillance video saying "check out that clueless tourist taking pictures".   I quickly put my camera in my handbag after that... until we got outside and I saw tons of red buses!!!

Instantly, I fell in love with the red buses just like I did with New York's Yellow cabs.  I think they are so cute!  

It wasn't too late when we arrived in London but we were tired so we headed straight to the hotel, had dinner in the dining room (we had hamburgers and chips) and called it a night.  I still didn't sleep too well with my nose all congested and having coughing fits.  The pharmacy I did find didn't sell Buckleys cough syrup (the only kind I can use, I'm overly sensitive) so I only picked up Halls cough drops.  I popped two of those in a cup of boiled water and let them dissolve and drank it like a cough syrup.  It worked!

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