Monday, September 28, 2015

On The Eye

We ordered our tickets for the London Eye over the Internet.  We discussed which day and time would best suit us and then went with the fast track ticket self print ticket to bypass all the lines.    We paid £29 per ticket and it included a 40 minute river cruise.  It was a cloudy day but mild and not raining!  Still, it was much cooler than Canada. 

We arrived fifteen minutes before our scheduled time.  Since we printed the tickets ourselves, and paid extra for fast track, we just had to step in the fast track line that had three folks in front of us!  We were on the Eye within two minutes!  

The Eye is a very large Ferris wheel type contraption.  It's not a ride!  It's a great way to view London from above.  It doesn't stop, except for folks with strollers, walkers or canes.  It goes real slow and takes thirty minutes to do one rotation.  About twenty five people can fit in a pod at a time but when we went it was rather early, and quiet so we had about ten folks in the pod.

As the Eye rotated, we got great pictures of Parliament....

...and the Shard. 

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