Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pixie Grow Out: 8 weeks

So it's been 8 weeks since I decided to grow out my pixie hair cut.  It's really curly in the back, and growing in thick too but that's nothing new!  The front was already longer as I had a pixie with bangs but now the bangs are drooping on my forehead.  

This collage shows the bangs and sides on the day I had my last haircut and decided to grow it back. The second pic is 3 weeks and the bottom pic was taken on Friday at 8 weeks of growth.

I'm not using any new vitamins.  I tried that excessive dose of biotin and also the Hair Skin and Nails supplements but one or both of them made my scalp itch like ants crawling under my skin.  The biotin made my face break out and the crown of my head became so tender.  All that in about a week or so of using the stuff!  Crazy but true, I can't make this stuff up.  I just take a regular daily vitamin, along with vitamin C and vitamin D supplement and a probiotic to help my inner pipes.  That's all the vitamins I take. 

Now I practice patience.... counting down to autumn so I can put a hat on! 

Every day I give myself a scalp massage with my finger tips on my scalp through my hair to get improved blood circulation. My hair looks like a birds nest when I'm done but it feels awesome.  I'm also using a toothbrush on my hair line to increase the massage and circulation. I do that in the morning for like ten seconds, and again at night for another ten or so seconds.  Basically I'm just brushing my hair line with a toothbrush and it increases blood circulation.    Believe me, my edges are showing signs of new growth!   No magic pills, no standing upside down, just drinking lots of water, eating less junk and more fruit and veggies, and giving my scalp a daily massage for about 2 or three minutes usually while I'm sitting watching TV.

I have no intention of cutting or even trimming my hair at this point.  I'm going to wait until week 12 then just trim lightly like a dusting off the ends.  

Growing out a pixie takes lots of patience.  

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