Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Museum & The Park

We had a very full itinerary while on vacation.  Our hosts really went out of their way to ensure we seen as much of England as possible.

We spent part of the morning enjoying tea, and then I took a stroll in their back yard to look at and photograph the beauty of their garden!  My husband's aunt enjoys gardening and it really shows!


We spent one day touring an old museum and then went to the park where a festival was taking place.  The weather was a cool 15*C  or 59*F so we were in layers of clothes again.  Most of the clothes we packed were left unworn because they were shorts, tees and sleeveless items.  We had to stick with the jeans, long sleeves and pullovers.

We toured the museum by ourselves.  I was busy taking photos and only read a handful of the displays notes.  I do regret that.  

When we left the museum, we drove to the park.  The houses really look like they do on Coronation Street.  You know, that British Soap Opera!  I used to love that show.  I haven't watched it in years.  I used to catch it Sunday mornings but when I started going to church I stopped watching it and never bothered to record it.  Hmm,.... maybe I'll get back into it.

At the park we walked around, and as per usual I took tons of photos.  OF EVERYTHING!

Later that evening we had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant.  I had this mixed plate that had a piece of lasagna, a cannoli, and some ravioli.  Oh my goodness was it ever delicious.  My husband, who never can decide what to eat whenever we go out to restaurants, always relies on me to pick his meal since he knows I'm aware of what he will eat.  He had the same meal as me and he found it delicious too!   And very filling.  

When we went back to the house, we relaxed with a cup of tea and more conversation.

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