Friday, September 18, 2015

The Water Bottle

I've been following quite a few folks on Instagram who are in the midst of a weightloss journey.  The one thing they all stress..... Drink plenty of water!  Most of them have a gallon jug with fancy carrying gear but I can't drink a gallon a day!  I barely get through the one litre and pushing two is a miracle in itself. 

I decided to do what some of them do to get myself drinking.... I got a new 2 litre bottle and marked it up with imaginary dates.  It starts at the very top of the bottle with Kanye West at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I absolutely love Kentucky but Kanye, not so much.  I drink past him real fast!  

Next in line is Denzel Wahington at Burger King.  Again, I love the Whopper with cheese extra onion, side order of fries, and cola.  Love Denzel's acting skills but no, would have to pass on a date with him. Don't tell my big sister I said that, because Denzel is "her man".  

After I drink past Denzel, I'm on to Vin Diesel at McDonalds.  I love fast food.  It's my weakness in case you just happened to notice a trend.  Yes, I'll have a McChicken, fries and cola please...what you gonna have Vin?  

Drinkin onward, I reach Jamie Foxx at Pizza Hut, cheese pizza and cheesy breads. .....

Then on to Terrence Howard at Starbucks where we have lattes and just chill out.  

As I get further into the water drinking I arrive at Samuel L Jackson and we are enjoying all you can eat buffet at in China Town.  Spring rolls! 

Don Cheadle is next and we opt for junk at the movie cinema.  Now we getting somewhere! 

If I continue drinking down the water bottle, I make it to Idris Elba next and we are in the back seat of his car! I know right!  I lust after Idris!   But the last one on the bottle is my main squeeze....

WESLEY SNIPES!  Yeah baby!  We going home!

I drank the whole bottle! 

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