Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Heathrow We Go

Well, we have safely returned from our vacation to England and there is tons to write about.  I guess I can just start at the beginning.  

We travelled to England to visit my husbands uncle and aunt who live there.  They live in Northampton and it was a delightful trip, all travel adventures aside.  We flew air France from Montreal to Paris and had a two hour layover before catching our connecting flight to England. The first flight was about five hours long maybe more.  

There should be a height requirement for economy seats as my knees were jammed straight up against the back of the seat in front of me!  This photo, if you look closely, you'll see my knee mashed up against that magazine pocket in the back of the seat in front of me!

My seat was also defective because I was unable to recline it even a touch so sleeping was impossible with my head lolling forward all the time.  At least they fed us on the plane.  The plane food wasn't as bad as I thought. It was rice and chicken the size of a microwave dinner perhaps smaller if that's even possible.  But beggars can't be choosers so we were happy for the meal. It was good and hot, with a bread roll, water, juice, red wine in a mini bottle and I don't know what that was for dessert so we didn't eat that and a bag of dry unsalted pretzels that had three pretzels inside.  Yes, I counted them!  

We landed in Paris, the Charles de Gaulle airport is huge and nicely done up but nobody around to help you if you have a problem or question.  We searched for a souvenir shop but the prices were ridiculously expensive for a three inch Eiffel Tower! You'd think I was buying the actual tower itself.  But then again, it's in the airport so ... That's like the time I paid three bucks for a pack of gum in Miami's airport.

Anyway, we caught our connecting flight, and an hour later arrived at Heathrow airport.  We spent an hour going through the slow customs and I was paranoid about the two cans of maple syrup in my luggage we brought from Canada.  Did I have to declare it? I watched too many episodes of Border Control on TV so I was afraid I'd get busted for smuggling in Canadian Maple Syrup.  But we made it through with our smuggled syrup that we didn't declare! Phew!

Finally were able to collect out bags.  

At the bag carousel there were five bags going round and round. None were ours! An employee quickly comes to our aid telling us to fill out some document for our lost bags.  Needless to say I was ticked off so I politely told her it was my first time visiting and I wasn't happy about the lost luggage situation but thanked her for her prompt service....then we spot our bags OFF THE CAROUSEL SITTING IN A LINE ALONG THE WALL.  She tells me they remove the bags as they come around on the carousel and line them up off to the side.

What kind of craziness is that?  Give us a near aneurysm at the thought of losing both suitcases!  Geez!

Anyway, Uncle met us at the exit gate and took us to his home where we had a nice shower, a hot home cooked meal, and plenty of great conversation then off to bed jet lag from the five hour time difference and hours of travel took its toll.

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