Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Good

Nothing but positive vibes going on in my life!  

I've been counting my blessings each and every day, more than once a day.  

I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table.  Watching the news lately, there are so many who don't have any of those.  Counting my blessings.  Counting even what some would call insignificant like my teabag didn't break in my mug today!  Yes, that was a blessing too!! 

I have nothing left to give to people who pretend to be my friend when there are so many others wanting to know me.  I have nothing left but prayers that one day your heart will truly soften (and not just when there is an audience present). 

I don't hold grudges.  I pray for those who have ill wishes towards me.  I pray for those who can't stop themselves from saying negative things about me.  I pray for those who are green with envy because I am finding joy in the smallest of things like the blossom of a flower or the song of a bird.   I even asked real friends to pray for these pretend friends, that they will never know the negative that will come around from their actions. 

I'm done reaching out. I've knocked the dust from my shoes and I've moved on.  There are bigger issues going on in this world that deserve my attention far more than my pretend friends.  I will always pray.  I'm not perfect, far from it but I am the first to confess this.  My laundry is washed in private and not aired on Facebook, Blogger, Google+ or Tumblr.  

Don't worry though, "we still good"! 

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