Monday, September 14, 2015

Woburn Safari Park

On August 28th we spent the day at a safari drive through.  It was absolutely awesome.  I got to see tons of animals that I never thought I'd ever see in real life!  


It turned out to be a lovely sunny day that day.  Most of the days since our arrival were rainy in the morning then very cloudy and windy the remainder of the day.  Yet this day was nice an sunny with just a few cloudy periods.  We had to keep the car moving slowly and the windows rolled all the way up so we turned on the air conditioning and of course had conversation while in the car.  This time most of our talk was about the animals.  This deer or whateveritis looked straight at me when I took the photo.  It's not a great photo from in the car but look at his face!  It's like he's smiling for the camera.  I love it!

The Giraffes cracked me up.  They are just too cute and way tall!  I got a bit of a video of them but I haven't had the chance to upload them to my youtube channel yet.  I'll try to upload them one of these days and just have a separate post with the video.

Check out this picture, I caught all the giraffes looking in the same direction then the last guy off to the far right is sticking his big head into the picture.  It's like your typical family photo when someone tries to get added in.

There were quite a bit of cars taking this tour and it was well worth it, even when the monkeys tried to escape!  ha!

After the car tour was over, we parked and had lunch in one of the many restaurants.  We never got used to the English calling french fries "CHIPS".  Husband had fish and CHIPS for lunch while I had chicken nuggets and chips.  After lunch we took the walking part of the tour and found these Madagascar cats.  I forget what they're really called!

This was a great day!  

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