Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cohen & Coben

I'm currently engulfed in two books right now.  One, an ebook. The Broken by Tamar Cohen, that was recommended to me, I should have been finished a while ago but the ipad decided to delete it for whatever stupid apple reason.  I had to reload it and figure out where I stopped.   

Annoyances aside, this book is pretty chilling... in a WTF type of way.  I don't want to give anything way but let me say it's a book that up to this point, I'd say read it.  It's not a long book but it's fast paced and it will make you yell out loud and grumble even but still... if you ever read The Girl on the Train, or Gone Girl.... well, it'll bug you like that but well worth it.

The second book I'm into is an audiobook Missing You by Harlan Coben and the narrator is fantastic!  The story is also fast paced but with multiple back stories running alongside one another it can be a bit annoying but I'm almost done it and I think I'm putting things together like the detective in the book!  This is the second book by this author that I've read and I'm thinking it wont be the last!

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