Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Did We Miss The Flight?

Alright, finally, the last post about our vacation to England.  

September 2nd was our travel back home day.  We took the train from London to Heathrow airport.  We were a bit too early to check in so we hung around talking to our hosts who were there to see us off.  Once we were able to check in, it took only a few minutes to go through customs and whatnot.  We found our gate and waited to board the plane.  

Our connecting flight was in Paris France once again but as we only had an hour between disembarking one and embarking the next, we were a bit stressed.  And to add insult to injury, our flight from London was late leaving by 20 minutes, and we were seated at the very back of the plane, which never happens to us!

Sigh, ok so plane lands in Paris, passengers taking their time to get off but we are sweating from stress that we will miss our connecting flight to Montreal.  Finally we get off the plane, run like crazy to gate forty something only to see nobody there!  We look around, no plane to be seen, nobody around to ask for help! 


We finally spot a worker helping someone with a wheelchair.  We ask him for help.  He is also amazed nobody is around to help us out.  Finally the guy is able to tell us our gate is wrong on our ticket, we should be at gate 30. 


Gate 30!

We begin running to the opposite end of the airport.  We stop at a screen finally, because they are few and far between, we see our gate displaying the final call notification.  We run faster.  Finally we get to the gate, tons of folks around, I go to a guy in uniform by the gate to ask him to hold the flight but he tells me ....



I grabbed the man and hugged him so tight like it was his fault the plane was delayed.  We were so happy... So were the folks who came running behind us!  

Finally, on the plane, headed home, I take a nap until they serve dinner then nap again until snack time, then again until we land.  Once again we have to go to immigration, I'm Canadian born, this is getting real annoying, but we are done in three minutes!  Off to get our luggage which we find real fast, grab a cab home and let the jet lag begin! 

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