Saturday, October 17, 2015

Etsy Selling

My Etsy shop is open.  I'm still thinking of it as a test hobby and not putting too much effort into it.  This time of year, I'm busy with getting the Annual Family Christmas Ornament completed.  I've got a few items in the shop and in all honesty, I just like knowing it's there!  I haven't even thought about what happens if I make a sale! 

That's a screen shot of the shop (it's also a link that will magically transport you to my shop!).  I had a lot of extra bears half stitched from last year, and one extra ice skater so I completed them and put them up.   These were once included as the Annual Family Christmas Ornament but I did cut out too many so I put six bears up for sale and I still have six more in the craft room.  The brooches, I'm really almost ready to just keep them for myself honestly.  When I took the photos, I fell in love with them on my coat.  The ballet slippers....look great hung on the bedroom door but more suitable for a little girls room than a grown woman.   But they came out so cute.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that.  I'm just happy today!  Cue music by Pherrell. 

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