Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Feel The Music

The thing I enjoy most about music is how it can trigger a memory or calm a busy mind.  I started this evening out by listening to some jazz.  Yes I love jazz music, from the instrumental jazz, to the vocal jazz, that genre simply relaxes and chills me out.  I don't have much jazz on my ipod because I never know which artist to purchase but as I listen to the radio, I've been jotting down artists to look into purchasing for my pod.  

You can imagine my joy when I discovered CBC Radio2.  I listen to that station on weeknights while at work, at 9pm (it may start earlier for all I know but that's when I tune in) they have a show called Tonic and it showcases all types of jazz, from instrumental to vocal.  The great thing about that station is I got the app downloaded onto my ipad and when I'm home (with my trusty wi-fi) I listen to it online streaming, either with my Sony headphones (that have amazing sound) or through the bluetooth enabled Jam speaker (also, amazing sound!!).  The great thing about the online station is you can either listen live radio streaming whatever show is on, or choose your favorite show... I like Tonic... amazing jazz up in there.

I've always enjoyed music.  I honestly never thought I'd branch out to various genres other than the usual Adult Contemporary, R&B, Motown and of course my absolute favorite...Classical.  

I know right, who'd have thought that Classical music would be my favorite!  Ha!  

I remember a time back in the early to mid 1990s when my sister and I went to purchase a compact stereo in the local shopping mall.  The sales rep was showing us a system and wanted to play our favorite music so we could get the feeling of the music.  When he asked my sister what type of music was her favorite, she replied "Country"... he looked at her confused then asked me what mine was... I replied "Classical".  I'm surprised the guy didn't collapse on the floor.  He popped in some Mozart and I fell in love with that stereo system.  I no longer have that stereo though, gave it to my eldest sister, but I still do love Classical music.  

I can't say exactly when I fell for Jazz, but I suspect that Diana Krall or Michael Bublé had a role in it, though most of Bublés music is more Big Band/Swing than Jazz, he's still a favorite of mine.  I have music by both artists on my pod already.  I can almost say that Jazz is starting to push Classical to second place but then all I need to do is put on some Classical music from anyone, and I'm lost, simply feeling the emotion in the music, the strings, the percussion, sigh.  

...And just so we're clear, Contemporary Christian is what I turn to when I'm find myself feeling blue or overcome with fear or uncertainty, or when I'm just feeling annoyed by someone or something, it's just so uplifting and positive that after about two songs I feel a surge of positive energy and joy rush through me and all the negative feelings subside.  The thing about Contemporary Christian's not "your Grandma's church music" as one youth once put it.  There are so many types of Christian music, from old Gospel to Reggae Gospel even Rap Gospel (Kirk Franklyn has some).  If your not "into that type of music" then I suggest you seek out the gospel form of your favorite genre and you'll be hooked.  Trust me.  When I first heard Contemporary Christian (thanks to KLove Radio online streaming) I was floored.  I'm not a fan of the old Gospel aside from Amazing Grace, Precious Memories, It Is Well With My Soul, most of the other songs make me feel depressed!  I know right!  who'd have thought that possible but it's true, they make me feel like I should be at a funeral.  Contemporary Christian makes me smile, makes my heart and soul sing! So uplifting!! 

One thing I learned is there's no harm in branching out to different genres.  I learned it when it comes to books, and I learned it when it comes to music.  Sticking to what's considered your "favorite".... you're only cheating yourself.  Feel the music!  Smile!  And chill out!!

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