Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Five: 5 Things I Love

Friday Five Link Up..... Hosted by Eat Pray Run DC.   Join in, discover new things, make new friends... blah blah blah... bottom line is it's really interesting and fun!!

Alright so this week's topic in the Friday Five is FIVE THINGS I LOVE.

Wow, that got me thinking.  

1.  I love going to church on Sunday morning.  It's not just about hearing the word of God but talking to the other folks who attend weekly or introducing yourself to someone new or visiting.  The smiles, the hugs, the older ladies calling me their adoptive child!  The hugs I get from some of the kids.  I always look forward offering a compliment to someone who may appear to be unhappy just to put a smile on their face and cheer them up a bit.  I love the singing, and listening to the teaching too!

2. I love cotton lounging pants....similar to the ones in this photo.  Yes they probably do come in women's version with cute butterflies and rainbows but I don't need that nonsense on my lounging pants, plain plaid will do!  Mom picked me up a couple pairs the other day and I'm over the moon in love with them.  When I'm home I pretty much am dressed like the man in that picture with a long sleeve tee and my lounging pants!  I should be able to wear these outside like nurses wear their scrubs outside eh!!  

3. I love oatmeal.  Hot, cooked on the stove oatmeal.  I always loved oatmeal since I was a kid.  Mom used to fill our bellies up with that stuff every morning in the fall & winter months before scooting us off to school.  I've tried that instant stuff and the cold stuff but nothing compares to hot cooked on the stove ... for me anyway, guess I'm just old school!

4. I love listening to CBC Radio 2.  Most of the nights I work I listen to it (if I'm not listening to an audiobook).   I pretty much know the schedule.  Amazing jazz at 9pm (it may start earlier but that's when I usually tune in).  At 10 to midnight is the Signal, lesser known artists are promoted during this show and the music is awesome!   Then from midnight to 5am is Nightstream where adult contemporary music is played but a lot of it is from artists I've never heard of, possibly imported music but still well worth the listen.  

5. I love crafts.  (click the link and see what I made) I've been a lover of crafting ever since my Grandmother and I would exchange crafts through the mail.  She's made me a pillow, a door hanger, mittens, ear muffler, knit sweater, knit socks, she's also made a small crochet sweater for my doll (that's going way back but I still have it).  The first thing she ever made me was a red velvet Christmas socking... I still have all of these!!!  I may have inherited her love of crafting and it's pretty much what consumes most of my time from October to the beginning of December though I craft all year long.  I'm currently making Christmas ornaments for my family and for kids at church.  I've gotten more creative with felt but still fighting with the sewing machine.  And I'm looking into creating peg dolls too so that should keep me busy for a while.  Crafting is a nice way to relax and unwind.  It calms my busy mind.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that!  Now go check out some of the posts linked up at Eat Pray Run DC  


Rebecca Jo said...

Cotton lounging pants are what they wear in heaven, I'm sure of it :) haha

Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC said...

I share a few of your loves - church, oatmeal, and comfy pants :) Have a great weekend!

Sandra Laflamme said...

I dream of being more crafty but alas it has not happened. How cool to be able to knit and sew!

Fairytales and Fitness said...

I love lounge pants. Perfect for after long runs.

Fairytales and Fitness said...

I love lounge pants. I love relaxing in them after my long runs.