Sunday, October 25, 2015

Step It Up

  I purchased an exercise step at Canadian Tire this weekend. I'm about to jump on a twenty eight day fitness kickstart challenge.  I didn't officially join because I don't want to buy the ebook or follow a strict menu.  I want to make lasting changes so on I joined the no junk November but I am one week away from the start of that so this week will have me focusing on 7 hours of sleep daily, 3 litres of water daily and getting used to my morning coffee without honey! I gave up added sugar and sweeteners a while back but used honey so now I'm ditching that too and it should also save me up to 120 calories a day. 

I already walk 20-30 minutes on work days but on days I don't work I am lazy when it comes to exercise.  Sure I have house work to do but I'm talking about fitness exercise not vacuuming exercise or mopping floors exercise, get what I mean? 

So monday I measure, I weigh in and I get started.  I need a new pair of ankle boots and a new purse. The cost of each is ten pounds of fat off my body so I better get cracking.