Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Oct.22

Another Thursday to be thankful for!  Please do click on the little picture up there and link in to Thankful Thursday hosted by Rebecca over at Knit by God's Hand.  

This week... well, I'm thankful for plenty of things but today I'm going to be thankful for things I've really been complaining about... so here goes.

  • I'm bloated and retaining water, 
  • had the munchies all week and pretty much ate everything I got my hands on.  
  • I haven't really exercised because I'm just too tired all the time...... 
  • I've got the chills even though it's not really cold.
Having said that mouthful, you're probably wondering what's the deal right? Well, IN ALL THINGS, GIVE THANKS!

  • I'm bloated and retaining water BUT I AM THANKFUL that I have clean fresh water to drink.  That I can just turn on a tap and there it is without having to walk miles with a pail to retrieve it from a water source and have it possibly be contaminated.
  • I had the munchies all week BUT I AM THANKFUL that I have plenty of food to eat, even if it was junk food.  I have healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables too.  I have easy access to fresh milk and bread and meat.  
  • I'm tired all the time BUT I AM THANKFUL that I have a comfortable bed in a safe home where I can peacefully lay my head.  
  • I've got the chills BUT I AM THANKFUL that I live in a country were medical care is relatively free (aka Canadian Medicare) whereby I can easily go to a clinic and see if I am ill and receive treatment.

I constantly tell myself to be thankful in all things, the good, the bad and the ugly.  These past days I've been feeling real ugly so I had to take a few minutes to count my blessings.  To turn my petty grievances into something to be thankful for.  

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Rebecca Jo said...

Girl... I SO love how you did this - taking your complaints & finding the blessing. THAT's how you do it!