Friday, October 9, 2015

The Palace To Trafalgar Square

....picking up where I left off....

Once we were done our tour on the Eye, and we decided against the river boat tour, we strolled a bit over towards Parliament then caught a ride on a double deck red bus. I fell in love with those busses!

We took the bus to Buckingham Palace but ended up in back of it and had to walk all the way around it to get to the front.... So we stopped for lunch first!  That was one heck of a walk!  

The palace has this crazy wire spikes on top to prevent trespassers. I had to snap the photo because I was a typical tourist!  This obviously was along the backside of the retaining wall. 

After what seemed like forever, we made it to the front side of the palace.  We were too pooped to take a tour inside the palace (for about £20 per person) My wallet was in no hurry to help the Queen renovate!  

Did not see the changing of the guard but did see a guard nonetheless.  We also took a selfie trying to get most of the palace in the shot.  So I guess I can wipe this from places I wanted to see in real life.  Hmm, I need to see what else is on that list! 

We spent a bit of time wandering around then walked our way to Trafalgar Square.  Basically we walked down the long long long red brick road where Will & Katherine  road along after they were wed.  We chatted a lot along the way and again, strangers kept asking me to take photos for them!  I was smiling at everyone so I  guess that made me approachable! 

When we reached Trafalgar Square (photo below) there were plenty of street performers there.  We watched a few and then strolled around like....tourists!

After walking all day...we finally hopped back on a red bus and headed back to the hotel for dinner.  We ate at a local restaurant that night.  Fries, chicken breast, soda.   By this time my head cold had nestled in my throat and was itchy, scratchy.  Time for bed. 

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