Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cheat Much?

I like to play candy crush because it's a challenging game once you get past level 100 or so.  I'm currently on level 350 or somewhere near there.

I've got issues with this game though.  I play it on the iPad app but I also play it on my laptop.  The facebook version on the laptop gives more power ups than the app. 

Cheat much!? 

So, since the game cheats, I figured out a way to cheat too.... Most of my facebook friends gave up playing candy crush either because it got too difficult or too boring.  Either way, without too many friends playing, it becomes difficult to get tickets to move on to the next section unless you pay a buck to the istore which I won't do.  So.... I take the iPad and disable the wifi and play what they call quests.  You get one quest a day and if you pass it, you wait 24 hours to get the next quest.  Complete three quests and you propell forward to the next section without needing tickets from friends. 

But who the heck wants to wait three days?  Not me!

I forward the date in the iPad settings by 24 hours.  Complete quest one then forward the time another 24 hours and am able to complete quest two, and then adjust the date again and complete the third and final quest.  Then once I'm propelled ahead, play and complete the next level then connect the wifi and sync the candy crush app to facebook...then delete the app, adjust the iPad date back to the current date and reinstall the candy crush app and let it sync to Facebook again.  Tada! Ya, adjusting the time ahead also gives you extra lives faster too then once you mess up the iPads date too much, sync, uninstall, adjust date then reinstall and re sync and there you go.

And that concludes today's cheat sheet.  Please forgive me. 

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Rebecca Jo said...

I've never started playing that because I know I'll be addicted