Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Memories: Little Drummer Boy

When I was a snot nose brat, I had this Christmas album, aka a vinyl record, that had The Little Drummer Boy song as the first song on the album.  I think the song was by Harry Simeone Chorale.  Now a days the song can be found on the Time Life Treasury Of Christmas album, or a single download on iTunes or Amazon for all I know!


I remember one Christmas, I took the album to a friends house, then on the way home I slipped and dropped it.  The edge of the record chipped but it was still useable.  Unfortunately, the chipped edge was right on a good portion of my favourite song.  Well, back then it was my favourite but isn't anymore.  I still love the song and it's meaningful words.  I remember I was all distressed that I chipped the album.  Mom was upset too and I got punished for it but thankfully I still didn't receive coal from Santa!  Phew!

Whenever I hear this song, and especially when performed by Harry Simeone Chorale, my memories of childhood come rushing back to the time I chipped the record on that cold December afternoon.   

I have the song on my iPod now.  Yes, I am one of the few who listens to Christmas music periodically throughout November...but only AFTER Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. 

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Rebecca Jo said...

aahhh - dont you love things that take you back in time in your mind :)