Friday, November 6, 2015

Thankful Thrusday: Family

I'm always late with blog hop link ups and that's because ..... I don't have an excuse right now so I'm thankful that I wasn't compelled to tell a lie.  


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I'm thankful for family.  

My family is dysfunctional, I'm the first to admit to it but they are my family and a family without dysfunction is missing a lot of fun.   

But seriously, my family, in many ways, good, bad and ugly, have helped shape me into who I am today.  Through our joys, laughter, tears and spats, one way or another I came out of it all with something that lightened my heart, toughened my spine and bent my pride.  

At one point I used to always say, 'Hey God, why did you put me with this family?'.  He answered one day by taking some of them from me for a while.  I felt hurt, lost and confused then I felt angry and annoyed, then I just let it go and let God know I understand that this was His way of answering my question, even though I always considered the question rhetorical!  

Yes, I prayed.
Yes, I spoke to God daily and still asked questions when I shouldn't have.
Yes, I gave it all to God.... finally!
Yes, I gave thanks even when I felt like I was thrown under a bus.

So eventually He gave them back to me, but I had already learned to lean on God more and to take all my joys, sorrows and frustrations to God.  

Our family experienced loss this week and it shook all of us to the core.  I won't go into details on that but all I can say is, yes a loss reconnects extended family members but don't wait until it does to reach out to them now.  

I'm thankful that my family knows God and I'm thankful that I have faith that God will get them through this difficult and heartbreaking time.  

I'm also thankful that I am re-connecting with family in hopes that relationships can be rebuilt and that our fond memories can be rekindled.  I'm reaching out to extended family members whom I may not have spoken with in years because we live in different cities or countries but thankfully, with the help of skype and other social media outlets, it can be done. Honestly, watching the next generation of family grow up, seeing our elders after years of no contact and now getting to know some more of our family history... sigh.... well that's just priceless I say.

I'm thankful I have the opportunity to let family into my life and thankful when they allow me into theirs.  

In all things, give thanks.

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Rebecca Jo said...

I think God works in loss to bring people together again or closer... funny how that works.
Thanks for linking up with me!