Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Harvest Is Plenty

Our church held a Harvest Party on October 31st.  Yes that was Halloween night but what better time to harvest new followers to bring to Christ.

We spent Friday night decorating our church with Bible theme games that would entice kids to want to return at a later date and be part of our Oasis Kids Clubs that meet weekly on Friday evenings or to attend our church every Sunday for worship and study.  

 We decorated one room as a Noah's Ark and the game was set with two of a few animals that the child had to knock over in order to win a ticket.  Tickets were collected by the child and later redeemed for a prize at the prize counter.  All games were free of charge.  That photo shows a few of us after decorating on Friday night.  The blue whale was trying to eat us!  The photo angle didn't get the whales body and tail in though.  I'm the one in the back with the white shirt.

 Another room was decorated with an ocean theme and we had a small blow up pool with a bit of water in it and plastic fish.  Kids were to try to catch fish with the fishing rod and they'd get a ticket depending on how many fish they caught in one minute.  That was the Fishers Of Men.  The photo above shows two of our young helpers exhausted at the bottom of the sea.  Cute!

 On the night of the Harvest Party, we offered refreshments to folks who entered.  They were not given out by the door! We encouraged folks to come in, look around, play some games with their kids and have a snack.  There were cup cakes, muffins, cookies, fruit and cake....and candy too along with water, juice, coffee and tea.

 Every half hour, a show was performed inside the church auditorium.  There was a puppet show singing Why Not Today to the tune of YMCA that everyone enjoyed and there was singing too.  We had a lot of families enjoying the shows.  I hope they listened to the words because all songs gave praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  In the photo below you can see how families were enjoying the puppet show.

The games were a hit with the kids too! Photo below...the room was packed! Kids were lining up to fish.

 I got caught in that photo with my blue tee shirt all volunteers were wearing.  This was the Fisher of Men game. 

 Here kids lined up in the Noah's Ark game. The floor was taped to mark the distance depending on the child's age to keep it fair for all kids.  See Spider-Man, fireman and rainbow fairy waiting to play the Noah's Ark game.

 We did give out packs of candy as the kids left the church.  We didn't want this to be about just collecting candy then running off to the next house.  We wanted to reach out to our community and managed to talk to some of the parents and the kids did have fun.  I got caught in that photo too!  I was all over the place that night because this was the first year I volunteered for the Harvest Party and I was curious.

 That was out prize counter where kids exchanged tickets for prizes when they left.  We ran out of prizes just seconds before the end of the harvest party. The party was from 6-8pm.  We even had the Montreal Fire Department stop by and hand out candy to kids!  It was great... Big fire truck out front with lights and all, it really drew attention!  

 At the end of the night we closed with prayer. I'm back ther standing beside our Pastor who is hidden behind a volunteer.  We were thankful it turned out a huge success.  Hundreds of people passed through our church that night and to date, we got three new kids attending our kids cluc on Friday night so far, and I seen new faces this past Sunday at service so it was successful if even one life can be saved.  

The harvest is plenty, the workers are few.  

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Rebecca Jo said...

So cool to see everyone come together to draw the community in in such a fun way!