Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Me, A To Z

A   Angel or Star on tree top:  Angel

B   Biggest tree you ever had: 7 feet tall! 

C   Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story:  A Christmas Story! 

D   Drink eggnog or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate

E   Easiest Christmas song you know: Jingle Bells

F   Favorite Christmas Song: Joy To The World

G   Gold or Red Christmas Bows:  Red.

H   Hometown: Montreal

I    In a snowy or dry Christmas climate: Snowy

J   Jube Jubes or Gummi Bears: Gummi Bears

K   Kindness randomly done for you from a stranger: gentleman held a door open for me.

L   Last minute shopping or early shopping : Early shopping

M   Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays : Merry CHRISTMAS!

N   Number of siblings:  Four

O   One wish: Peace On Earth

P   Person who you call first on Christmas Day : Mom

Q   Quickly unwrap the gift or slow to save the paper: Quick, I need to see what it is fast! 

R   Rudolph or Frosty:  Rudolph. 

S   Sledding or building snowman:  Sledding.

T   Time you wake up on Christmas: ten-ish unless the phone rings early or its a Sunday and we have church. 

U   Ugly Christmas Sweaters? : Sure, why not! 

V   Vacation during Christmas? Not yet but one year we may decide on a Christmas Cruise. 

W   White Christmas or Green Christmas: White!  Then the snow can melt before New Year's Eve! Ha! 

X   Xtra marshmallows on hot chocolate or none at all:  XTRA! 

Y   Your favourite Christmas food: Fruit Cake...ONLY HOME MADE with a secret family recipe. 

Z   Zero decorations, moderate decorations or over decorating: Moderate.  

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

this is fun :)
Yep... always gotta call momma on Christmas morning.
I miss gummi bears. I have so many caps, one always pops off if I eat anything chewy