Sunday, January 31, 2016

Challenge One Done

Today was the last day of the five pounds down challenge on loseit.  Sure I probably could have worked a tad harder to get a few more pounds off BUT it's not about only the weight loss for me.  It's about changing my habits. Choosing healthier snacks, eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking more water and making a healthy change to my portion size.

Total weight loss for the month of January was 5.4 pounds.  Now if you're waiting to know how much I weigh.....

I weigh a lot.  

So there! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Lost In January

Guess who lost 5 pounds in January?  

Yup, I did!  

I joined a challenge (with my sister) on the loseit app (she uses the website at  The challenge was to lose 5 pounds in January.  The next challenge is to lose 5 pounds in February.  

The app (or website, which is free to use) is a food calorie and fitness log, much like the myfitnesspal app thing.  It allows you to join individual challenges to help you set mini goals.  

The struggle is real when it comes to losing weight after the age of 40.  Ya, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  I just love food.  I ate too much in the month of December but it was all good stuff so I couldn't resist.  

If I continue on like this, and I plan to, I will be down 35 pounds before vacation time.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Minute In Susan's Mind

 So the problem I'm hearing about lately is how I need to change or rather, update, my cartoon avatars because they are still sporting a pixie.  I kind of like the cartoon the way it is so I'm not sure I want to mess around with it. 


Alright, sigh.... I'll give it some real heavy thought!

I've been considering my options of, once again, moving this blog to elsewhere or closing down this one and starting up another one fresh but then changed my mind again and decided not to go with what my net pals are suggesting.  

Sorry  you guys!  

I've invested a lot of time in this blog mainly just as a "diary" of sorts because simply put, the stories I can blog about are ridiculously stupid and there is no way I can make this stuff up even with my vivid imagination.  

I left the comments open but will close them on specific posts, though I don't do this for the comments anyway.  I just got plenty to say and I need an audience to tell it to!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Change Is Good

Alright, so I've been chit chatting with a fellow blogger online and we've come up with a few ideas about this blog.  I do need input from time to time so, you know.   Change is good, so I'm told!  ha!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Six Months Growth

 The pixie cut grow out was officially at 6 months on January 14th.  My last cut was in July 2015 and it sheared the back very close to the scalp.  Now, the back has grown in quite a bit, closer to ponytail length so I can stop spending time on it. The bangs are a bit annoying since I never did like my hair on my forehead.  Drives me nuts! When straight, my hair covers my ears, but it's. Curly in this photo because I styled it in the morning then napped on it in the afternoon!   

Not bad.  Only two more months til I ditch the winter hat so I'll check back in when I reach 8 months growth.

I might add that I've been taking my regular multivitamins daily (Carb smart multivitamin, B complex 100,  along with calcium and vitamin D that were both prescribed by my doc to help my hip bone).  I drink plenty of water, mostly on work days I can drink up to three litres but when I'm not at work that's where I flop.  I also massage my scalp once a day with my finger tips for about a minute or so just to get blood circulating.  Yes, clean hair is a must!  I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner to keep hair clean and hydrated.  Oh and I recently purchased an olive oil hair dress product that I will have to blog a review about.  I can't remember the name of it right now but ....oh I'll blog it tomorrow!  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Paper Joy

 One of the things I love about Christmas is the cards!  I love sending and receiving cards via snail mail.  This is the before and after photo of our received cards from Canada, USA, UK, and West Indies!  Our card line has 40 mini clothpins attached to it, initially one pin per card but we received a bit and had to double up some cards on the pins.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Minding My Own Business

I was on the bus this evening "minding my own business" when I overheard a conversation between two women.  One young woman was telling the older woman how she is in love with her best male friend and she told him but he doesn't feel the same way about her.  But they are still friends.


The other day, while on the bus, I over heard two young girls talking about how they had to delete some selfies on instagram because they didn't receive 200 likes.  


And yet another day on my way home from work, I over heard one side of a phone conversation while on the bus.  A guy was telling whomever he was on the phone with, that he was having a coffee at Starbucks while reading the paper... but he was clearly on the bus, and how did the person on the other end of the phone not hear all the noise that the bus makes?  


Ok, I need to really start minding my own business for real.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Minute In Susan's Mind

 I've been quite busy trying to complete the set of magnets I want to upload to my shop on etsy.  I know, I still have to include the shop information but currently the shop is almost empty.  Anyway, nothing new to blog about.  I think I need to call some of my friends and have a silly conversation so I can blog about it . Ha! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

While I was out doing Christmas shopping in December, I picked up a jigsaw puzzle at Walmart.  It's a 1,000 piece puzzle of a winter scene, but not the one int this photo image though.  

I sort of regret not getting a 500 piece one so I could finish it sooner.  Oh better luck next time eh.  

You see, a few years back I attempted to do a 1,000 piece puzzle.  If memory serves me correct, it was a winter scene also, some kids skating and playing hockey on a frozen lake with some houses in the background.  Was a pretty nice scene.  I was completing the puzzle on top the backside of an old laminated wall hanging.  I can't remember where I kept it placed but I do remember my husband, at the time he wasn't my husband and he should be glad I still married him after a stunt like that, knocked the puzzle on the floor and it all came apart before I could even complete it.  And he didn't even offer to help get the pieces back together.  Good thing anyway because a while later I found some pieces scattered under the dresser.  I don't have a board large enough for a puzzle that size now so maybe I may just order a 500 piece puzzle from Mary Maxim and get to it.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Neck Of The Woods

So these past couple of days into the new year has brought me some joy.  

Thank you God, I know that was you!!

I got back to work this week and thankfully it was a pretty quiet week so I was able to make the adjustment from home body to working woman fairly easily.  But seriously, it was good to be back to work. 

I did plenty of walking and I ate fairly well and lost 2.5 pounds so I haven't tossed that resolution out the window just yet.  I need to reach my 5 pounds down goal by the end of January then I can begin on the next five.  I'm keeping the goals small so I can achieve them without getting discouraged.  I really do want to drop quite a bit of weight before summer vacation.  

The goodies box I sent my brother arrived in time for Christmas.  I forgot to mention that in one of my previous posts.  He called my Mom on the day it arrived and told her to thank me.  I knew when he got it because I always send it express post with signature just to make sure he gets it.  So for the naysayers, I have the tracking number, should I post it so you can verify it???  

 ..... as I was saying.... it contained home baked cookies that I made, some home baked fruit cake that I also made.  It also had some home baked biscuits and fudge that Mom made.  I also packed Christmas presents for him, his wife and son in there too.  It was a fairly large box and I'm glad it arrived safely, intact and on time! Yay!  

My little shop of horrors on Etsy is doing alright considering there's only seven items up for grabs at the moment.  I'm currently working on a series of magnets that will be available for sale hopefully in the next week or two.  My craft room is a hot mess and I just haven't had the time, or energy to get in there and clean it up.  Crafting for Christmas really made things very disorganized and I have no clue where to begin.  

And lastly, I'm still overdosing on Pinterest because it's a pretty chill site.  I save tons of stuff there... useful stuff... to me it's useful.  I've deleted a few of the other social media sites I used to partake in.  As of now, I'm only on Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Blogger.  And believe me when I say that's still too many.  

  • I use Flickr to post all my completed crafts and keep them organized.  I wish I had thought to do this a lot sooner as so many of them haven't been photographed, but... what can I do.  
  • I use Tumblr to keep tabs on crafts I like and maybe pick up something new and I will also advertise my shop on there in hopes of additional sales.
  • Pinterest is totally awesome.  I use it to find everything!!  I just hate when someone posts dead links on a photo with a "recipe for..." heading.  I expect to see the recipe, not a dead link!!!  ugh!
  • Facebook sucks more and more, but it's nice to keep in touch with friends, even the friends who only contact you to say "hey look what so and so said on their page".... I have no time for that stupidness.  By now everyone should know that nothing on Facebook is private, not really.  
  • I use Instagram to follow many weightloss bloggers. I have the app downloaded to my ipad and that's where I've been getting my motivation from.
  • And lastly Blogger... well... because Blogger is totally awesome!!!!  Ya, I'm still considering moving this blog to a new name and of course that will totally remove it from here.  I tried doing that last summer but it didn't work out so well.  I'm going to give it another shot in the coming months.  
So, now we are officially up to speed on what's happening in my neck of the woods.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Minute In Susan's Mind

New blog posts are on their way., 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here We Go

 So a very happy new year to all!  
I began 2016 quietly with my husband at home.  We spent New Year's Day with his family and had lots of laughs, got to see some of my nieces and nephews ...most of them are taller than me! Yikes!  I baked some cookies for a friend at church and am still baking some peanut butter cookies for my sisters.  And lastly, I started the BETTER ME project.  

What's the BETTER ME project, you ask?   Well it's just me spending more time devoted to taking better care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally.  

My resolutions - and goals are many!  Ha!  I'll be honest and confess when I break one!
I resolve to lose 30 pounds this year.
I resolve to save more this year
I resolve to give myself a manicure regularly
I resolve to drink more water
I resolve to eat more fiver, mainly oatmeal.
I resolve to stop complaining at work
I will put more effort into my Etsy shop
I will be taking a break from Facebook in the coming months 
I'm closing many of my social media sites and only keeping the bare few I actually use
I resolve to get at least 7 hours of sleep each day.
I want to lean to cook better (I already bake like Betty Crocker)
I'm going to continue to volunteer with the children's clubs at church.
And once again I joined a reading challenge.  This year the goal is 40 books according to the list so Popsugar. 

Alright, that's not so bad.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 In Review

  • I began 2015 quietly at home with my husband and step daughter watching television.
  • I joined a reading challenge at Popsugar.  I was supposed to read 50 books but ended up falling short at 35 (70%) not too shabby if you ask me!
  • I removed added sugar completely from my diet.
  • I switched to drinking decaf coffee then cut out coffee altogether and now drink Caf-lib (caffeine free malt like coffee).
  • I stopped drinking carbonated beverages.
  • I exercised a bit more
  • I walked a lot more
  • I logged my calories for the first 11 months but fell flat in December when I ate everything in sight!
  • I started growing out my pixie hair cut in mid July after a crazy humid bad hair day.
  • I am now officially my husband's barber and cut his hair every two - three weeks!  I know right!  He trusts me like that!! 
  • I was harassed on Facebook by some loser to the point I had to delete my old account and make a new one. I then blocked the person then decided to unblock them because if they want to consume themselves with what I'm saying to other folks, then please feel free.  I no longer have anyone blocked on Facebook because I have not up in there telling lies and pretending to be who I'm not.
  • I went on vacation with my husband to England and took over 500 photographs over the course of ten days.
  • I opened an Etsy craft shop and made 3 sales by the end of the year thus decided to keep the shop going.
  • I spent a bit too much on Ebay but mostly on craft supplies I needed and it was all free shipping from China anyway.  I only lost $1 USD from a crook who never mailed my purchase.  
  • In November, I taught some children at church how to cross stitch.  I also taught them how to sew and glue a felt Christmas tree ornament.
  • In December, I decided to stay on as a volunteer at our church for the children's groups. 
  • I enjoyed a lovely Christmas with family and friends.
  • And finally I updated this blog but it still needs a bit of tweaking!
And there you have it..... 2015 in review.  Proof I'm just ordinary joe!

Friday, January 1, 2016

On To 2016

 Good bye 2015. I have no regrets to how I handled situations and people. I will take all the good fond memories into 2016 with me and the bad and ugly can stay in 2015 where they belong.  

I've ended 2015 by attending church service, taking communion and then returning home to a quiet night with my husband and God in prayer.  

I am making a lot of new year resolutions for 2016. I'll post them later in a separate blog.  I'm going to also link up my Instagram, Flickr and Etsy shop in the sidebar.  And lastly I'll be taking a vacation fromFacebook  but not from Candy Crush, I need that as my brain game! So....until I can post an update. ... HAPPY NEW YEAR.