Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 In Review

  • I began 2015 quietly at home with my husband and step daughter watching television.
  • I joined a reading challenge at Popsugar.  I was supposed to read 50 books but ended up falling short at 35 (70%) not too shabby if you ask me!
  • I removed added sugar completely from my diet.
  • I switched to drinking decaf coffee then cut out coffee altogether and now drink Caf-lib (caffeine free malt like coffee).
  • I stopped drinking carbonated beverages.
  • I exercised a bit more
  • I walked a lot more
  • I logged my calories for the first 11 months but fell flat in December when I ate everything in sight!
  • I started growing out my pixie hair cut in mid July after a crazy humid bad hair day.
  • I am now officially my husband's barber and cut his hair every two - three weeks!  I know right!  He trusts me like that!! 
  • I was harassed on Facebook by some loser to the point I had to delete my old account and make a new one. I then blocked the person then decided to unblock them because if they want to consume themselves with what I'm saying to other folks, then please feel free.  I no longer have anyone blocked on Facebook because I have not up in there telling lies and pretending to be who I'm not.
  • I went on vacation with my husband to England and took over 500 photographs over the course of ten days.
  • I opened an Etsy craft shop and made 3 sales by the end of the year thus decided to keep the shop going.
  • I spent a bit too much on Ebay but mostly on craft supplies I needed and it was all free shipping from China anyway.  I only lost $1 USD from a crook who never mailed my purchase.  
  • In November, I taught some children at church how to cross stitch.  I also taught them how to sew and glue a felt Christmas tree ornament.
  • In December, I decided to stay on as a volunteer at our church for the children's groups. 
  • I enjoyed a lovely Christmas with family and friends.
  • And finally I updated this blog but it still needs a bit of tweaking!
And there you have it..... 2015 in review.  Proof I'm just ordinary joe!

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