Monday, January 18, 2016

Six Months Growth

 The pixie cut grow out was officially at 6 months on January 14th.  My last cut was in July 2015 and it sheared the back very close to the scalp.  Now, the back has grown in quite a bit, closer to ponytail length so I can stop spending time on it. The bangs are a bit annoying since I never did like my hair on my forehead.  Drives me nuts! When straight, my hair covers my ears, but it's. Curly in this photo because I styled it in the morning then napped on it in the afternoon!   

Not bad.  Only two more months til I ditch the winter hat so I'll check back in when I reach 8 months growth.

I might add that I've been taking my regular multivitamins daily (Carb smart multivitamin, B complex 100,  along with calcium and vitamin D that were both prescribed by my doc to help my hip bone).  I drink plenty of water, mostly on work days I can drink up to three litres but when I'm not at work that's where I flop.  I also massage my scalp once a day with my finger tips for about a minute or so just to get blood circulating.  Yes, clean hair is a must!  I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner to keep hair clean and hydrated.  Oh and I recently purchased an olive oil hair dress product that I will have to blog a review about.  I can't remember the name of it right now but ....oh I'll blog it tomorrow!  

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