Thursday, March 31, 2016

H2O Damage

So a few weeks ago, our roof was repaired and I was so happy that I would no longer be hearing the pitter patter of squirrel feet up in there.  I already had to deal with a squirrel who got lost in our roof a few years back.  Poor little fella got lost, in the middle of summer and I banged the ceiling with a ladle yelling at it to stop whining and die anyway, our roof was repaired.

A few days later the water in our toilet started to disappear.  

A day or so later it rained.  

It rained a lot.

It really REALLY rained a lot!!!

I came home from work that morning, tired as can be.  I put in my ear plugs, put on my sleeping mask, crawled under the covers and into dreamland I boldly went.

Later in the afternoon when the husband came home from work, I was awakened to yelling "SUSAN....SUSAN!!!"   

Ok so I get out of bed in a hurry and rush to his voice which is right there near the linen closet....

The ceiling inside the closet is leaking!!!

Ok so that photo I snatched from the net, but our ceiling was pouring in just like that!!!  

The good thing was I was able to mop up all the water and place plastic drop cloths over the floor to prevent more water damage.  

The bad thing is the roof drain was clogged, hence our toilet's receding water, same drain basically, and the overwhelming amount of rain caused the drain to flood and the puddle decided to leak through the roof and into my closet.

Oh, did I mention that everything in the linen closet got soaked?  The sheets, the towels, the curtains.... everything that was stored in that closet absorbed up most of the water, which explains why there wasn't much water on the floor!  But it all became laundry because of the dirty water that leaked from the roof.  

So, anyway, we took everything to the laundromat early one morning and monopolized all the large machines to get everything washed, then monopolized all the dryers too!   A couple hours later we were done!   

The ceiling will be repaired in the coming days thankfully and yes, we have insurance!!!  Someones gotta pay for all that laundry!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Craft Lovers Unite

I recently read a blog post, I just can't remember where, which was a gripe one woman had about craft fairs.  Her gripe was that she was "tired" of seeing plastic canvas tissue box covers, and the crochet toilet roll covers and the crochet towel toppers at craft fairs.  They, apparently, are too "retro".  She referred to them as something along the lines of Grandma's crafts!  I can't begin to tell you how angry that blog made me!!!  There are plenty of folks who still love the needle crafted tissue covers, toilet roll covers and towel toppers also.  Just because she is "tired" of seeing them at craft fairs, she should just stay her cranky pants at home!!  

"Retro" crafts remind us of when we were young and growing up.  

Ok, sure she's entitled to her opinion on her own blog but if she's a crafter too, why not take into consideration the hard work these people put into their creations.  And hey, perhaps they are someone's Grandma so.... you know....  

Anyway, I assumed she was a crafter, but I hadn't searched the rest of her blog after stumbling on that one post because I was just too ticked off.  If she is a crafter, then she should know how much time is put into creating something.  Knitters always say how much time it takes to carefully knit an item, same goes for crocheters and quilters and jewelry makers.  Well, folks who prefer other crafts put just as much time into their creations, but to have someone belittle them and say they shouldn't be permitted at craft fairs any longer because they're too retro is wrong on so many levels.

If someone spends money on supplies and takes even more time to carefully put together an item, even a retro plastic canvas tissue box cover or crocheted toilet roll cover, or a crochet towel topper, then it deserves just as much respect as the beaded necklace or whatever else was hand made! 

And that's my gripe.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Back To Basics

Alright, so first I want o wish everyone a blessed Easter.  

I've been off of social media for a bit but am finally back with a vengeance! Ha!  I've got a few blogs to get uploaded but I'm kind of tired now, it's very early, so I'll get back to it soon with some interesting updates.