Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Michaels Crafts

So I went to Micheal's Craft shop and it was like being in craft heaven!  I was in there with my husband, so obviously, I was only able to be in there for ten minutes.  

I know right!?  What on earth can I possibly see in ten minutes??  

Took me a whole three seconds to find the yarn section where I picked up a skein of bright pink yarn.   Then just behind the yarn section was the plastic canvas section where I picked up some stiff plastic.  I get the regular plastic canvas at the dollar stores, they're all the same price for the standard size anyway.   I also picked up some plastic canvas hearts and stars shapes along with two fat quarters of fabric because I have a felt pattern of a doll but needed a small piece of fabric for her skirt.  I also got a recycle bag that says Michael's on the front of it.  

I was eager to spend the gift card I had received at Christmas from one of my aunts.  She wasn't sure what to buy me so she gave me the gift card which made me happy as a clam!  Anything craft related makes me a happy camper!!!

And yarn.... well I just love yarn so much it's not funny.

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