Saturday, May 21, 2016

Go On, Listen To A Book!!

It looks like Audible and Goodreads have finally jumped on board in a combined effort to get folks into books and ahead in the reading challenges. .... I've only been saying this for a while too I might add (but I don't take credit for inventing this though, that'd be silly). Ha!

I checked my email and seen this pop in... Can't help but think they read my blog post!  I'm so delusional sometimes.  

I do agree though that no matter what ordinary day to day thing you got going on, an audio book is a great choice instead of those radio stations that play "today's music hits" over and over and over and over.... or if there aren't any interesting topics on the talk radio stations.  So thanks Audible and Goodreads for not mentioning that you got this idea from reading my blog for getting the word out!!  :-)

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