Friday, May 13, 2016

Listen To A Book

I fell in love with audio books.  There, I said it. 

If you've never tried an audio book, give Audible a try and download a free book!   

I wouldn't say that I've always loved to read.  I checked out books from the library while at school and read most of what I borrowed.  I borrowed books from friends that they insisted were worth reading and I've purchased the occasional book mostly based on the cover.  For a while there, I just stopped reading novels and filled my mind with "stories" from The National Enquirer, and other magazines but nothing of real substance.  I can't say what nudged me back into reading but I do recall standing in the pharmacy in front of the shelf consisting of magazines and paperback books and skimming over the covers and titles of the books instead of the magazines.  I also recall my selection was a romance paperback book... a historical romance and that did me in.  From then on I read countless historical romance novels and enjoyed pretty much all of them.  

With the invention of audio books in mp3 format rather than on a bazillion cassettes, I found I read even more than I did when I was saving money by buying second hand paperback books from the used book store in the hospital. Ok technically it's not "reading" but listening, but either way, I'm getting the story.  I found that eventually, I just downloaded books to have something interesting to listen to while I was at work.  One romance book after another in audio book form.  

The best thing about audio books is it's a great way to read books you otherwise wouldn't really give a second glance.  I read the Millennium trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....etc) via audio book and loved it!  Had I read the ebook or printed copy I doubt I would have gotten past the first chapter.  Not to say the first chapter was boring, but it has to set the scene like all books do and it's usually ..... dry.  Ha!  And also, getting into a reading challenge that encouraged me to read outside of my favorite genre... well... I have a greater love for audio books now!!!   Last weekend, while I was busy stitching an order for my shop, I listened to an audio book : Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (ya, I don't always pick winners but it had potential).  I even listen to them when I'm out for a walk.  Or should I say, when I'm walking round in circles at the track in the park because you know me, likely to fall off the sidewalk and bust a hip joint.

I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with audio books!   Got a book suggestion for me? 

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