Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strike One

As much as I want to complain, I won't because I get it.  

I just read that Canada Post is gearing up for a possible postal strike on July 2.  I read some news articles and it comes down to the workers not having a contract since 2015.  I'm not taking sides here because I don't know the issues, I don't work for Canada Post, all I know is I just put my etsy shop on vacation mode because I don't want any shipments to get caught up in that.  Hey it's no big deal for me because my shop is still relatively new, I barely have any sales to begin with and it will give me a chance to complete more unfinished objects that were lying around waiting for attention.  

Just glad I got that tidbit of information though because I hadn't noticed it on the news.  I wouldn't want to order something on line and then give negative feedback for non delivery, or have someone order from me and give me negative feedback for non delivery!  yikes!

Anywho, that's the biz.

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