Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dear Gran;

I've been feeling somewhat emotional lately.  I can blame it on menopausal hoeomones or I can fess up and say I wish my Granny was still here so I can write her a letter.  I used to joke that my Granny was my therapist!  She would get a big laugh out of all the "issues" I had, that were really non-issues!

If I could write her now, I'd tell her about my craft shop.  I'd tell her I finally know how she felt about her shop when she'd tell me about things she made and was planning to sell.  I'd tell her about my nephews and nieces, and their accomplishments, because I'm a super proud Auntie. I'd also tell her about my dieting ups and downs so we could laugh together.

So lately I'm in a funk and I've been munching a ton of apple turnovers in return.  

Today, I miss my Gran. 

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