Monday, July 4, 2016

Getting My Groove Back

Yes, this is how Susan is getting her groove back.  I am serious about dropping some pounds before going on vacation.  Up to now, I've been real sluggish but then I decided to sort of join the 28 day challenge with the fit girls guide.

I downloaded the free fitgirl app and it counts down the days and gives you a small focused workout.  If you also buy the books, that I believe include recipes and menus, you'll probably make better progress.  I'm cheap and stingy and poor like that so I'm only using the free app.  I've also decided to do the no junkfood July which will ween me off the box of Mike and Ike's I've had every work day for the past three weeks,  and the ice cream sandwich, and the apple turnovers too.  

Ya, I've been greedy.

So, I'm combining the fitgirl workouts with the no junkfood July along with portion control and better choices to make it a real deal.  I've also been listening to a podcast by a food coach and it's working! I'll blog about the podcast next time but I've been listening to that for two weeks prior to beginning the fitgirl.  Ok sure I still over snacked but it did encourage me to take a closer look at my habits which is why I seriously decided on the no junk July.  I need to get that added sugar out.

O. U. T 

So I won't be posting before and after pictures unless I'm really successful at doing it my way.

Queue music by Frank Sinatra....

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