Saturday, July 30, 2016


I've noticed lately that others on pinterest are experiencing the same dilemma as me.  The annoying pinner who would rather re pin your whole board rather than just follow your board if its obvious to them that they like what they see.

Now here's the thing.  When I surf pinterest, I pin multiple pins and even like some of them too.  If I find I pinned more than say, six pins from the same board, I stop, check out the rest of the board, then just follow it.  I've got my boards set up with my personal interests.  I like crafts, some more than others, and it shows on my boards.  I like photography, so I have some boards set up with the types of photography I like.  I love to bake and I'm still learning how to cook, so those boards reflect that as well.  But I'm not making boards just to get followers as it's obvious some folks are!  That is most annoying.  I really dislike when I see my news feed say so-and-so pinned 400+ pins from that other person.  

Wait, what?  400+ pins?  She basically hijacked the other persons board!  Chances are sure she liked the pins but why not just follow the board?  Maybe I'm just too picky but it irks me when someone does that.  This week, I had someone pin 45+ pins from one of my boards.  Sure they're there for the taking but be courteous, don't hijack the whole board.  If you like it then LIKE the image too don't just re pin it.  I'm not worried about who follows and who doesn't but seriously, some of us put lots of work into maintain our boards for our own personal interest and we are more than willing to go ahead and follow another board so it would be really nice of everyone did that too.  

Just my two cents while I climb down off the soap box.

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