Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Falmouth, Jamaica

Freedom Of The Seas, 
Day 4
Falmouth, Jamaica
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our alarm woke us up early. We did our usual morning routine, and went for breakfast in the Windjammer buffet. Today we tried banana pancakes with syrup, fried plantain, tea and orange juice.  Since today's island was Jamaica, the buffet hosted a corner dedicated to Jamaican cuisine.  

After breakfast, we exited the ship and met up with our tour for $34 USD per person.  We booked the Heritage Walking Tour that was almost two hours long walking along the edge of Falmouth.  

Our guide told us some history of the islands and we were all too glad to skip the part about Christopher Columbus who discovered nothing since people already lived there! That'd be like me saying I discovered Jamaica because it was my first time going there.  Bad enough the dude changed the name of Haiti (according to our tour guide yesterday) so you know, stop talking about Columbus discovering things.

Anyway, we got some great photos, heard some history and then returned to the port to look for souvenirs for the family. 

We always take photos with our tour guides on every excursion we take on every cruise we went!  Makes for great memories. (photo below, me with out three tour guides)

Back on the ship, we watched pier runners (these are the folks who are running late and risk missing the ship!) two guys almost missed it but I think they had their tour booked through the ship because that's the only way it waits for you.

We had dinner in the buffet windjammer again; roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, peas and rice, curry goat, jerk chicken, jello, ice cream and oatmeal cookies.  And of course lemonade, water and tea.

We didn't see any shows yet this cruise.  We'd seen plenty on past cruises so we weren't to broke up over it.  We still hadn't run into Shrek and Fiona (they were on this cruise too.)  by the end of this day I was lobster red. Burnt shoulders, arms, my legs were tanned but not burned like my shoulders.  I used sunblock spf50 and still I'm suffering! Dude, that is wrong on so many levels.

We watched a bit of the movie on the big screen out by the pool but we didn't catch it from the beginning and it looked to be an interesting film so we walked around a bit then found our way to the NextCruise desk and booked another cruise but we aren't sure if we will go on it though.  Either way, we have about ten months to decide at cancel and get a full refund.  We booked it this way to get the free on board credit and a lower deposit rate with 30% off, and  because husband really liked the itinerary.  I'll blog that at a later date. 

It got late, we went to our room and watched some of the olympics then to bed.

note: the photos don't have a date stamp yet because I'm still in the process of taking care of that... I'm so slow this time around LOL.  

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