Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun Day At Sea

Freedom Of The Seas, 
Day 2
Fun Day At Sea
Monday, August 15, 2016

Today was a sea day.  We set the alarm on my iPod touch to wake us at 07:45. We woke up and did our daily routine which consisted of saying our prayers, using the toilet, taking a shower, brushing our teeth, husband shaved while I combed my hair, getting dressed and packing our backpack for the day, blah, blah, blah.

Didn't have to make the bed!  Yay!

We went to the Lido Deck for breakfast in the Windjammer Buffet.

Didn't have to cook!  Yay!

We had scrambled eggs, home-fried potatoes, turkey sausage, a pancake, orange juice, water and tea.

Didn't have to wash dishes! Yay!

After breakfast we toured the ship from top to bottom, end to end.  We took pictures and then we went to see a 3D movie in the Arcadia Theatre.  The 3D glasses were a bit uncomfortable for me as I wear prescription glasses but they did fit right over them.  Still, I found they gave me a headache.

The movie was a cartoon called "Home". It was so cute, we laughed a bit too.  We were going to go see an ice show but ten minutes of waiting WE FROZE because we were in shorts and tank tops.  For the ice theatre, we should have worn pants and long sleeve shirts!  Maybe we will will see one on Saturday. 

Yes, there is an ice skating rink inside called "Studio B" and it has free skating but you must wear pants because it's too cold and if you fall you may stick to the ice (I'm laughing at that visual), and socks for the skate rental obviously.

Lunch was in the windjammer buffet where we had a wide variety of food to choose from but we went with hamburgers, fries and mashed potatoes with gravy and a glass of lemonade.  There was plenty of food to make your own green salad, or cold cut sandwich, there was also seafood rice (brown rice with shrimp), pasta, fried chicken, and fish of some sort so the food in the buffet wasn't lacking!  For dessert we had jello but there was also a variety of cakes, mousse, cookies, tarts and ice cream.  Later in the afternoon we tried the soft serve ice milk from the sprinkles vending machine.  It wasn't all that because it was ice milk not ice cream....big difference to me.  It comes out of the machine slow and hard like frozen yogurt so you can't really twirl it nice on your cone. And it's frozen milk not cream so it melts fast and makes the cone soggy real fast.  There is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop on deck 5 but it costs extra and I'm just not that desperate for ice cream!  My inner pipes hate ice cream anyway.  Every time I eat it my belly aches and I bloat (fear not because I travelled with Pepto Bismol tablets! )

We missed the belly flop competition at the pool because we were in the theatre but we watched it on the television later.  We didn't miss much because the cruise director had no jokes whatsoever! Sorry Casey but you flopped!

We had dinner at 18:00 in the buffet: mashed potatoes, grilled chicken breast, gravy, steamed rice and lemonade.  I had a tea afterward with dessert of blueberry pound cake and chocolate ice cream that my inner pipes hated.

After dinner we went to the online area and we sat to people watch.  We had a great view from deck eight down to deck five.  It was formal night, which we don't participate in, so we sat back and people watched.  Personally, we go on vacation to be laid back and chill.  Dressing up for dinner is a chore unless it's a family gathering, wedding or holiday, you know what I mean?  We prefer vacations where we can veg out, you know, "lay like broccoli".

It was a nice relaxing day but sort of busy since we rarely were able to catch the elevator and had to walk up and down the stairs all the time but it was good exercise considering how much food I ate and it's only day two! 

We went to our inside cabin on the eighth floor, showered, brushed our teeth, watched some of the Olympics on television then said our evening prayers and went to bed exhausted.

Slept like King Tut in that big comfy bed with soft pillows and the gentle sway of the ship. 

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