Wednesday, August 31, 2016

George Town, Cayman Islands

Freedom Of The Seas, 
Day 5
George Town, Cayman Islands
Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our tour for this port of call was cancelled and the money we prepaid was credited to our sea pass account.   We had decided to just walk about the shops so we didn't rush to get up early.  We had our breakfast just after 10:15 then went to catch the ferry to shore.  The ship was tendered as there is no pier or whatever you call it.

The ship was tendered along side two Carnival Cruise Ships: Carnival Sensation, and Carnival Paradise so there were plenty of tourists ashore today!

Once ashore, we were a bit lost so we took a photos or two and started walking.  A guy approached us selling a tour of the island.  There were a bunch of other tour guides outside the gated port area selling the same tour, I suspect they were all the same company.  We seen a handful of folks going on the tour so we said sure why not.  Besides, there were three ships in port which meant many tourists.  Excursions not sold by the ship are located outside the port terminal whereby the ones sold by the ship are located inside.

 The tour cost us only $20. USD per person and we got to see some of the island.  We went to the town of Hell and also to see Dolphins.  We also got a lot of history about the island from our guide, Glen.  It was well worth the money.  We gave Glen a nice tip and took a photo with him at the end of the tour like we always do.

I wore shorts and a tank but also a long sleeve linen top to protect my shoulders, arms and neck from further sunburn.  The tour was almost two hours and we were inside a small tour bus mini van type of vehicle.  The air conditioning was a bit weak and the bus a bit worn on the inside but we had jokes and a great time with our co passengers.  We were nine tourists in that vehicle.  (photo below is husband with our tour guide Glen)

We took photos and video and boy was it hot and sunny!  I'm typing up these blogs daily on my iPad from a lawn chair on deck four while watching the soothing water out to sea!  I'll just post them online at a later date!  I just don't want to forget any fun details.  (update: I still have to get the videos posted to YouTube so when I do I'll just post a blog with them... sorry)

We had to be back on the ship by 15:00, the last ferry (or tender??) to the ship was at 15:15 and you snooze you lose, unless your excursion was booked through the ship, the ship will leave without you if you are late returning!

The ship left at 16:20 because it was waiting on two passengers. These passengers did not book their excursion through the ship but instead went out on their own.  Most likely they forgot the time difference (Grand Cayman is one hour behind Florida time and the ship uses Florida time that they refer to as "ship time") or the guests cell phones adjusted the time zone without their knowledge, or they just assumed the ship left at 17:30 like in most ports of call.  Either way, they were late so their passports were left ashore for them....when they finally find their way to the port and realize there is no ship waiting.  That's gotta hurt! Their luggage would be forwarded back to Florida, not sure but most likely at the end of the cruise, but they would have to arrange their own way back to Florida.

Wow. That's still gotta hurt.  Most folks just heading to the beach leave the ship wearing only their bathing suits and tiny cover ups.... imagine having to get to an airport or hotel or something...being stranded in a foreign place in only a bathing suit, flip flops and a skimpy cover up... ouch that's gotta hurt real bad.

Later, Husband took a nap out on deck four while the ship pulled off and I ......blogged and played candy crush off line though, no communicating with the outside world until we return home on Sunday night.  I did text my sisters at least once a day to let my mom know we were doing fine.

Our usual evening routine of dinner in the windjammer buffet, because the formality of dinner in the dining room defeated the casualness of a vacation in our opinion.  We took a stroll in the Promenade shops on deck five, then on deck 11 and deck 4 before watching the Olympic races from one of the bars that had large flat screen televisions! Then off to bed we went pretty early like old folks, missing all the night events but that was the purpose of this vacation, for the two of us to get plenty of rest.

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