Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Labadee, Haiti

Freedom Of The Seas, 
Day 3
Labadie, Haiti
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today we were in Labadie, Haiti, the private resort island owned by Royal Caribbean.  Our alarm went off early and we got up, did our morning routine and then got ready to disembark the ship.    I think the ship docked at 08:00 and we got off the ship near 09:00 after eating breakfast in the windjammer buffet (scrambled eggs, hash brown, fried potatoes, plain pancakes with syrup and English breakfast tea.)

This cruise, we prepaid our gratuities and booked/paid our excursions all in advance on line.  Basically, everything for this cruise was taken care of before we left home.  We brought money with us but chances are we won't spend it except to tip the excursion tour guides and to purchase souvenirs.

Our tour was the Discover Haiti Coastal Tour and was supposed to be at 10:30 but the ship notified us of a time change so it was at 13:00 instead which we were happy about too.  While we waited for our tour, we walked about the island, took some photos with our Canon DSLR camera and tried out our new selfie stick that had the ipod touch connected to it.  

We took some cute selfies and also at least eighty five photos of the inside of my bag because the selfie stick was on Bluetooth and kept snapping my iPod. Ha ha ha.   Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing.  This happened to us every single day!  Tons of photos of the inside of the bag, the floor, the wall, the sky, my hand! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, We got a couple of beach chairs under a tree and relaxed while watching folks do the zip line, or swim in the ocean.  I took some video too but haven't had time to post them to my YouTube channel yet... sorry. 

The ship had a bar-b-q on the island where we had lunch of burgers, hot dogs and fries.  I love that the ship serves beef hot dogs!  We bought a bottle of water for an arm and leg because we needed to keep hydrated.  A small bottle of water, I think the 500ml, was $3.65 USD.  Highway robbery in my opinion. 

When finally it was time to head to our tour, the guy in security directed us back to the ship like a genius so we had to come back around to get to the dock for our boat tour. I would have flipped if I missed it because there is no refund.

We paid, $54 USD per person for this tour through the Royal Caribbean excursions.  We pre paid our excursions on line a month before the cruise so we wouldn't have to wait in the excursion booking lines on the ship to make reservations.  Let me tell you, the lines were long for those who had to wait in them because there were only two employees taking care of the excursions and who wants to spend vacation time standing in line?

We boarded a catamaran that took us along the coastline where I took some video, and some photos.  We had seats on top in the shaded area but I still got burned even though I used sunscreen with SPF50.  The tour guide showed us a rock formation called mermaids rock.  He said some believe that mermaids come there so people leave food and rum for them to be in their good favour.  

We also passed by a sand bar where another tour was busy partying while some folks swam or snorkeled.  It looked pretty cool to see a shallow beach in the middle of the deep waters. (the above photo)

We passed plenty of local fishermen and a couple of kids in a row boat selling bananas.  I tried to give them five American dollars but we were still moving so I folded it up and tossed it to them.  The kids jumped from their boat into the water and got the cash and gave me the thumbs up to say thank you. 

Our tour continued along the shore while the guide pointed out spots on land and told us the local history of the places.  All in all, it was a beautiful tour and well worth the money.  Drinks were sold on the tour as were handicrafts.  We picked up a handicraft for a souvenir gift. 

When we went back aboard the cruise ship, we went to freshen up, then roamed the ship before dinner.  

After dinner we sat outside on deck four and watched the sun set and the stars emerge before going to grab a tea and heading to our room and calling it a night.

Yet again we went to bed by 22:00 thus missing the live night shows.  That's ok, we got to watch them on television, the cruise records them and airs them on the interactive televisions in the staterooms! ....and the cruise director Casey, was still a flop.

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