Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lazy Day At Sea

Freedom of the seas 
day 7
Fun day at sea
Saturday, August 20, 2016

We didn't set an alarm this morning.  I initially told husband I'd set one for 09:00 but he said no.  He said I needed my rest so we will sleep in even if we miss breakfast.  The thing is, the windjammer buffet has late breakfast on sea days so we had until 11:30 to get breakfast.  We finally got up at 09:25 and after our morning ritual, headed for breakfast.  This morning, I had pancakes, a piece of waffle, a small bit of scrambled eggs, a small Apple Danish and a bran muffin with two cups of tea.  Husband had pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and fried potatoes.  We were disappointed there wasn't any turkey sausage this morning, only pork so that was a bummer. Every day there was turkey sausage except today so I don't know what happened there but anyway.

After breakfast we walked down the stairs as usual to burn off the calories ha ha, and we stretched out on deck chairs on deck four (the no smoking side).  We both had our personal music; me on my iPod touch, and husband on his Samsung phone.  I wrote up some blogs and played candy crush and stared over board while husband had a nap listening to his music.  

At 13:15 we went to see a 3D movie in the Acadia Theatre.  The movie was a cartoon called "Penguins" with those funny penguins from the Madagascar movie.  I had a good laugh.  One guy sat behind us and fell asleep and even started snoring! Ha! Ha! Ha!  By the time the film ended it was 15:00 and lunch in the buffet was about to end as well.  We managed to secure ourselves two cheese burgers and a glass of lemonade.  Once we ate lunch, we snagged a couple of cookies and two glasses of water and stashed them in the room for later. 

We spent pretty much the remaining of the afternoon relaxing on deck four listening to our own music through headphones and napping.  Seems a few other folks had the same idea!  The non smoking side of deck four was always the quiet spot.  We just dragged two deck chairs off to the side and made that spot ours. 

Dinner was in the windjammer buffet as is our preference and the specialty menu corner featured German food.  After dinner, we went back to our room and started packing.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cozumel, Mexico

Freedom Of The Seas, 
Day 6
Cozumel, Mexico
Friday, August 19, 2016

This was our last island day but not our last day on board the ship.  This itinerary was seven days but day two and day seven were to be fun days at sea.  To us, they were lazy, relaxing, munching cookies and drinking lemonade days at sea.  Ha!

We got up early enough to complete our morning routines before heading to the windjammer buffet for breakfast.  I had Kellogg's corn pops cereal, tea and a bran muffin this morning while husband had pancakes, home fried potatoes and orange juice.

We exited the ship from deck 1 as per usual and walked along the long pier to find the excursions meeting point.  We took the Explore Cozumel With Shopping tour booked through the ship for $56 USD per person.  This trip was well worth the money and I would strongly recommend it. It's also a great tour for seniors.

We met up with our tour guide, Edwin, on the pier and were told to wait for the rest of the group.  We walked through the parking lot to an air conditioned large tour bus. Kind of like a slightly smaller version of a greyhound tour bus.  As usual, you pick your seats and they remain yours for the duration of the tour.  You know, they have to tell folks that because sometimes some rude folks get angry they got on the bus last and got the undesirable seats so they rush on after the first photo op break to try and nab the better seats. *shaking my head* Most folks we encountered on this cruise were very friendly and polite.  The teens on this cruise were plenty and most were rude, joy riding the elevators, wasting food like crazy in the buffet, running up and down the halls and along the decks.  They apparently were taught nothing at home with regards to behavior and respect for elders and the disabled. *shaking my head*

.......moving it along....

The bus then drove off with our driver, Miguel, at the wheel.  Edwin gave us some history of the island and we went to a museum where we learned about the Mayan culture. We later went to a cacao making place and got to see how it was made and taste some chocolate and had the opportunity to purchase flavoured chocolates after sampling many.  After boarding the bus again, we drove, heard more history then stopped at a tequila shop where we learned about the qualities of tequila and tasted five different types of tequila.  Personally, we passed on the sampling but had jokes with other passengers when they were sampling.  I took video and photos.  Videos still aren't loaded to youtube yet....but here's a photo of me with two really large parrots that my Mom would have fallen in love with!!!

Back on the bus, we then stopped at a beach side stop for photos and to stretch out legs and make purchases in the gift shops and use the toilet.

The toilet was a nice clean group of stalls with porcelain commodes...That didn't flush. Obviously since we were in the middle of nowhere so naturally there'd be no running water.  But the attendant provided soap and poured water over our hands to clean up but everyone was embarrassed that the toilet didn't flush because we weren't told that in advance.  My apologies to the lady who got to see my fluorescent yellow pee courtesy of by vitamin B complex tablet.

By the sea, there was this really big coral with the Mexican flag on top.  Husband  climbed it but I was too scared.  There were so many holes I was afraid to step in one with my heavy self.  I suffer from anxiety now that I'm in menopause so I worry for the strangest things and sliding off a large coral, cutting my leg and having it amputated due to Ebola was one of them.  Seriously.  We asked another passenger to take our photo and she took photos of us going up the rock, of me cowering away, of husband on the rock...and a selfie of herself that I just thought was so cute and a funny thing to do so we kept it! (that's her down there!  Isn't she cute!)

Somewhere along the way, I got bit by a mosquito on the back of my left arm and on my leg and the top of my foot.  Big suckers too. Am not worried about the Zika virus because it's more of a danger to women in child bearing years and my ovaries gave up in January so there you have it.  And we used bug spray too! 

Anyway, the tour bus dropped us down on the main shopping street where many very aggressive sellers kept calling my husband "hey bro" to get his attention and get him to make a purchase.  Um, that's kind of like if we called him "hey amigo"......anyway.....  There was one larger store that had great prices: 3 tee shirts for $20 USD, magnets ranging from $1 to $3 each, hats from $5 each.  And the sales lady didn't harass us either.

After we boarded the bus, we were let off at the port where we would show our sea pass card to board the ship once more.  That tour was 4 hours and 30 minutes long but closer to five hours.  Only problem I had with this tour is they didn't provide us with bottled water along the way, we had to buy our own which we did prior starting the tour.  We paid $6 USD for a large bottle of Evian water, the 1.86 litre bottle, it was cheaper than buying two small bottles.  That's my only beef.  We're paying enough that water should be included, at least one small bottle.

When we got back on the ship we took the stairs to deck 5 to go to Sorrentos pizza while everyone else waited for the elevators.  Since the windjammer buffet was finished for lunch and was preparing for dinner, pizza would have to suffice.  We didn't want to eat anything off of the ship for fear of getting ill.   We had two of the tiniest slices of cheese pizza ever made, and some apple flavour water that didn't really taste like apple but it was very refreshing nonetheless. We were going to get two more slices of pizza but the line got terribly long once everyone who waited for the elevator got there!   We headed to our room to shower and change for dinner since the buffet opened at 18:00 for dinner.  Near 18:30 we went and ate pasta for dinner and ice cream with cake for dessert then went out on deck 11 by the pool and fell asleep on the sun chairs watching the sun set and looking over the side of the ship.  We went to our room, watched some more olympics on television then went to bed close to 22:00.