Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lazy Day At Sea

Freedom of the seas 
day 7
Fun day at sea
Saturday, August 20, 2016

We didn't set an alarm this morning.  I initially told husband I'd set one for 09:00 but he said no.  He said I needed my rest so we will sleep in even if we miss breakfast.  The thing is, the windjammer buffet has late breakfast on sea days so we had until 11:30 to get breakfast.  We finally got up at 09:25 and after our morning ritual, headed for breakfast.  This morning, I had pancakes, a piece of waffle, a small bit of scrambled eggs, a small Apple Danish and a bran muffin with two cups of tea.  Husband had pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and fried potatoes.  We were disappointed there wasn't any turkey sausage this morning, only pork so that was a bummer. Every day there was turkey sausage except today so I don't know what happened there but anyway.

After breakfast we walked down the stairs as usual to burn off the calories ha ha, and we stretched out on deck chairs on deck four (the no smoking side).  We both had our personal music; me on my iPod touch, and husband on his Samsung phone.  I wrote up some blogs and played candy crush and stared over board while husband had a nap listening to his music.  

At 13:15 we went to see a 3D movie in the Acadia Theatre.  The movie was a cartoon called "Penguins" with those funny penguins from the Madagascar movie.  I had a good laugh.  One guy sat behind us and fell asleep and even started snoring! Ha! Ha! Ha!  By the time the film ended it was 15:00 and lunch in the buffet was about to end as well.  We managed to secure ourselves two cheese burgers and a glass of lemonade.  Once we ate lunch, we snagged a couple of cookies and two glasses of water and stashed them in the room for later. 

We spent pretty much the remaining of the afternoon relaxing on deck four listening to our own music through headphones and napping.  Seems a few other folks had the same idea!  The non smoking side of deck four was always the quiet spot.  We just dragged two deck chairs off to the side and made that spot ours. 

Dinner was in the windjammer buffet as is our preference and the specialty menu corner featured German food.  After dinner, we went back to our room and started packing.  

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