Friday, December 15, 2017

Festive Tea: December 14

TEA DATE:  Thursday, December 14,  2017 
TEA OF THE DAY:  Licorice Spice  by Stash Premium

Each day brings us closer and closer to Christmas!  Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?  Have you started your baking yet?  Finished decorating??    Fill me in on the details, inquiring minds want to know, but in the meantime, lets get to our festive tea reviews of today's festive herbal tea of choice!

I'll be first up today and here is my review:  "I have a love / hate relationship with this tea.  I love that it tastes like black twizzlers licorice.  I love that it left a burst of flavor on my taste buds.  I hate that leaving the bag in the water made the tea get waaayyy too sweet!  I hate that in order to truly enjoy this tea, I had to make it in a small mug and not my huge-go-to-mug.  Having a small mug of tea, I drank all of it and very hot with a bit of milk.  Reminded me of a flaming sambuca shot at Parachic club back in the day.  But that's a whole nother story.   

I waited until the last possible minute to prepare and drink my festive tea though I opened the envelope first thing in the morning.  Had it at 10:30pm at work with two Activia yogurt for a snack.  

Next up we have Sandy.  This is what Sandy had to say about today's festive tea: "Todays tea was Licorice spice by Stash Premium.  The smell of the dry tea bag was that of black licorice and some holiday spice (cinnamon nutmeg...sorta).  

Sandy submitted this photo of her festive mugs being guarded by two nutcrackers!  

Sandy went on to say: "I had the tea really hot, as recommended, and put a smidge of milk (no sugar).  Well.....this is where things went from spice to "NOT nice"!!  The first sip made the sides of my tongue jump back.  The second and third sip made all of my taste buds recoil in absolute horror!! 😵  I tried some of John's tea, since he had his au naturel, but such luck...still yucky!!!!  After these 3 sips, I am sorry to say that I was not able to drink anymore of it. "

The facial expression speaks volumes!  

Sandy concluded: "This MOST DEFINITELY is NOT a do-again for me.  I wasn't even able to finish this one little cup!  I had to cleanse my tongue with a small bowl of Lays salt and vinegar chips!!  Oh, the sacrifices I have to make 😉.   Looking forward to tomorrows tea surprise (I run to the kitchen to open up the envelope first thing when I get up).  "

Well, I'm glad to hear you are looking forward to tomorrow's tea time.  It's our new tradition now!

Alright, so our next review comes from Shirley.  Here is what she had to say about our festive tea time: "Day 14....Licorice Spice...again a herbal tea I never heard of 😲 and decaf..even better.  So when I opened the envelope I got the strong whiff of licorice and my first thought was that it would not have a nice taste...but boy was I wrong."

Yay, we have a winner for Shirley!

She went on to say:  "I had it natural. ..and it was a great cup of herbal tea.  It kept the strong smell of licorice  🍬🍭 a candy smell..but the taste was nice but not a licorice had a taste of spice you use for baking.   And as the bag sat In the hot water..the tea got sweeter and then had the taste of nutmeg and allspice. ..this was a really nice tasting tea.  I will try this one again...and I had it with 2 bon bons"  

And there we have Shirley's festive tea and her fangs bon bons.  Really does look like she enjoyed that cup of tea.  

Next up we have Pamela's take on today's tea of choice: "December 14th.  Licorice Spice.  Did not love this tea.  Beautiful aroma but after one sip I had to pass on it."

And Pamela provided this photo of her festive Santa mug along with the tea wrapper and today's words of wisdom.

Pamela went on to say: "And my little brother James inherited the rest of the cup.  He really enjoyed the cardamom and star anise."

And yes, Pam took a festive tea time photo.... of her brother having the tea in the festive mug!  Way to go Pamela!!

Our last review will be from John.  Here is what he had to say: "Hello, Yuletide Ambassador of Cheer and Challenges!"

Wow!  Look, I got an important sounding title!

John continued: "I have got to say, I don't know where you're finding the energy for these fun ideas. I tip my hat to you! That means yes, I am in.  OK. Stash's Licorice Spice Herbal Tea. Being a big fan of REAL licorice, not the stretched-out red jujubes, I enjoyed this one. I had it black, or rather, amber, after dinner and before dessert, because nothing really goes with this. Except some really salty black licorice! "😋

And this is John sampling the festive tea.

John concluded: "The taste reminded me a lot of Absinthe 🙃, but this one is not going to be a repeat for me. Nice experience."

Thank you all for your festive reviews and daily photos. !

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Don't forget to photograph your challenges this weekend.   And be sure to check your email as I will send through the first 8 Christmas Bingo words!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Festive Tea: December 13

TEA DATE: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
TEA OF THE DAY: English Breakfast by Twinings
PHOTO CHALLENGE: Favorite Christmas Decoration 

Welcome to Wednesday's Festive Tea Time!  We are now heading into the home stretch of Christmas.  Twelve days until Christmas!  

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..... A cup of English Breakfast Tea!  

See what I did there! 

Let's get on with the festive reviews AND since today was also a photo challenge day, we will include those as well!   

Our first festive tea reviewer today is John.  Here is what he had to say about today's tea:  "Finally, something I recognize! Twinings English Breakfast is my kind of tea, uncomplicated and tasty. What I like to call a TEA-tea. Giggidy.

I had it plain, the way I like my teas, and with supper, not breakfast. Coffee is, as the Gods intended, the only thing for breakfast! So this is one of my personal favorites, that we have in our own tea chest."

And here we have John drinking his tea in his festive Santa mug with his pinky like the photo card!  Bravo John!!  Bravo!!!

John went on to say: "And please, notice the extended pinky, and it is NOT fancy pantsy like you're thinking, but hoity-toity, thank you very much!" 

Now, since this festive tea day was also a photo challenge day, we will now move on to John's photo of his favorite Christmas Decoration.

John had this to say about his favorite decoration:  "My current favorite ornament is one that my sister gave me just a couple of years ago, Jack the Pumpkin King. Nighthmare Before Christmas is one of the BEST tales, up there with the Grinch (NOT the Carrey abomination), and anybody who really knows me knows that for me, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. And that is Batty McBatbat beside him. Yes, he is a sock bat, but not related to the Sock Monkeys."

Thank you John,  for sharing your favorite Christmas decoration with us!  I am going to make sure I watch Nightmare Before Christmas sometime during this holiday.  And I totally agree that the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch is an abomination!

Now we will move on to our next review.  We will have Pamela go next.  Pamela did not send in a tea photo yesterday because she spent all day stuck in traffic and if she drank tea, she would have to pee so...and being stuck in traffic, where would she <go>    So, there's that.   But she did send in a photo of her favorite Christmas decoration.  Actually, she sent in 3 photos so we will use them all to compensate for her lack of tea photos.  

Her first photo is of a ballerina piggie ornament.  And this is what Pamela had to say about this cute little piggie:  "So I have a few gems of decorations that I love. First would be my ballerina pig. My brother James gave her to me long ago. I love pigs and she is so cute."

"Then we have my angels that my mom crocheted for me. They are so pretty."

"Lastly my Hogs and Kisses pigs, also from James.   Actually I have too many favorites."

Thank you Pamela,  for sharing these lovely Christmas decorations with us!  Yes it's difficult to narrow it down to just one favorite.  Good thing you got stuck in traffic today or you would have had to make that choice!  

Now, lets hear what Sandy had to say about today's festive tea.

"Today's tea was English Breakfast Tea by Twinings.  It was a plain tasting tea.  I happen to like "regular" tea!!  I had it with a bit of milk (no sugar).  It was nice and hot when I drank it and it really helped warm up my old achy bones after inching my way home in the freeeeeeezing cold!!! "🤒

And here we have Sandy enjoying her festive tea of the day.
Sandy continued: "I enjoyed (and yes, I truly did enjoy) tonight's tea with a strawberry cheesecake dessert and some (fudge)...sshhh...not too loud or Suey will hear!" 😉

Did someone say FUDGE?! 

Sandy also shared this about her favorite Christmas decoration:  "For my favorite Christmas decoration, I chose my Christmas stocking.  

Sandy continued: "This is the only stocking I have ever had.  Granny made a Christmas sock for each of us when we were very little.  Mom used to put an apple in it (it took up ALL of the space in the toe part of the sock).  She also put walnuts and hazelnuts (in the shells so we could shell them ourselves), a jumbo candy cane (of which sometimes she ate part of the hook when we were at school) and a dollar bill!  Back then, a dollar was like $1000 of today's money "🤑.

Yes, those were the good old days.  Memories we will cherish forever.  Thank you for sharing your favorite Christmas decoration with us today Sandy.

Our next festive tea reviewer is Shirley.  Here is what she had to say about today's festive tea: "Day 13... So before I begin my review...I am loving all the new challenges.  I seen the new challenge this afternoon and said yep bring it on." 😏.   

Yay!  I'm so happy that you're enjoying the addition of challenges to our festive tea time.  

Shirley went on to review her festive tea, saying: "So today's tea I had at 3:00pm when the office was quiet. It was a English Breakfast Tea..yes I had it in the late afternoon..not at breakie time 😁....I had it with a small amount of milk.  It was a nice soft regular the brits have."

Shirley submitted this lovely festive photo with a full poinsettia plant!!  

Shirley went on to say: "It was a nice real cupa  tea...yep a cupa.  I enjoyed it in our office showroom with the poinsettia we received today from our client of yesterday...with the copy of the tea card..  I had no snackies" 😡  

WHAT??  NO SNACKIES!!!??!! 

As for the photo challenge, Shirley submitted this photo of her favorite Christmas decoration:

Shirley had this to say: "And for the challenge. ..this is one of my favorite ornaments. is 22 yrs old... I take care of it with very very care because I never knew, back then, that I would be a Mom. 😙😘 one of my Sis gave it to me long ago for the babies first Xmas." 🎄🎁

And here is a close up of her favorite ornament:

Now for my festive tea review.  English Breakfast by Twinings.  Again, I had my festive tea when I came home from work in the morning.  I was very happy that this was a plain and simple tea and not a fancy flavor one. I just wanted a plain hot beverage without the whiffer bloofs, and wuzzle wuzz. I enjoyed it very hot and with some 2% milk (no sugar) while chilling out with Francisco (see, he's there on the table)

Apparently the flash on my camera picked up the lint on my tights! 

Now on to my favorite Christmas decoration.  I purchased this Santa ornament quite some years ago at a dollar store.  Not Dollarama, but it was a dollarstore, I'm just not sure which one.  There's just something about this plain and simple Santa that I like.  Makes me feel like a kid again whenever I look at it.  He's not a traditional fat Santa, I guess that's what I like, he's just a cardboard cone with a ceramic head and hands.  Nothing special but there's just something about it that I really like.  

Thank you all so very much for sharing your favorite Christmas decorations!  Now that we are getting closer to Christmas, the challenges will continue, and you are free to opt out of them if you choose to do so.  The challenges are just for extra holiday fun!

Enjoy your festive tea!  

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Check your email, you have tea-mail with information on the NEXT PHOTO CHALLENGE!!   

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Festive Tea: December 12

TEA DATE: Tuesday, December 12, 2017
TEA OF THE DAY:  Sleigh Ride by Davids Tea

There's always ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

It's funny that today's tea sort of fit with the type of day we had!  Our first major snow storm... can we call it a storm?  Well, we got more snow than some of us were ready for.  Our festive tea was a loose holiday tea from Davids Tea called Sleigh Ride.  

And with all the snow we received today, and being this close to Christmas, almost made me want to go on an old fashioned sleigh ride!  

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing Ring ting tingle-ing too... Come on, it's lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you... Outside the snow is falling And friends are calling "Yoo Hoo".... Come on, it's lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you....

I assure you, I had no way of knowing that we would get snow today, but I certainly hope I didn't jinx us either!

Anyway, let's proceed with today's reviews, starting with Shirley.  Here is what she had to say about today's tea:  "Day 12... So today I had my tea at work, while talking to a client that stopped by the office in our showroom. They had coffee and I had my tea."

And here we have Shirley's festive tea time photo:

Shirley went on to say: "They were surprised I took a picture. .so I explained to them about our festive tea for the holidays and they liked the idea.  So this tea was Sleigh Ride tea. It again was a herbal tea ..I didn't realize there are so many different HERBAL TEAS  😲 and it had a nice smell of cherries. When the bag hit the hot water. ..the water turned blood red and it smelled like strawberries.  I had it all natural,  NO milk or sugar/honey (I don't use sugar..honey is my go to sweetener)  when I tasted tasted like SWEET cherries.  I really enjoyed the flavour of this tea. I will definitely have this one again."

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Nice to have a festive tea on a snowy day like today.

Shirley continued:  "Even the client said the tea smelled appetizing. Thank you for this tea it is a definite go to one in the future. ♨♨    P.S. yesterday's tea kept me awake last nite...must've had a lot of caffeine in it..was tired from it today" 😴

Hmm, I don't know how much caffeine was in yesterday's tea.  Try to get a nap later.  I need a nap now!!

Up next we have Sandy with her take on Sleigh Ride.  Here's what she had to say:  "Day 12's Festive tea is Sleigh Ride (by Davids Tea).  The smell of the tea bag alone was pleasant.  As recommended, I had it au naturel (no milk or sugar).   Upon pouring in the boiling water, the aroma was that of intense cinnamon and the water turned dark red (no, not water into wine) 😇.  The taste reminded me of apple pie with cinnamon (lots of cinnamon in the pie). "


Sandy went on to say: "The flavour intensified as it cooled and the now stronger cinnamon taste reminded me of the red fish hard candies Mom used to buy when we were kids!  All in all, I liked the taste, but this is not a tea I would have toooo often.

Yup, doesn't look like she was too impressed with this tea.  

Sandy ended her review by saying: "Tonights beverage was enjoyed with a brownie bite (actually it took 3 bites), a Lindt chocolate ball, and .....wait for it......MOM's FUDGE!!!!!😍 Yeah ."

Wait!  What?!  You had fudge! 

Pamela holds the spot for our next review on today's festive tea.  Here is what she had to say: "Sleigh ride is the perfect tea for this morning. It was a ride out there with the streets not being cleaned yet.  Ben is ecstatic about the snow. Me a little less."

For those who don't know, Ben is Pamela's son.

Now back to what Pam was saying:  "Now for the best part of this snowy morning: Sleigh Ride. Love the cranberry, Apple, cinnamon?? John will correct me if my taste buds are wrong. Took it straight without sugar. Lovely! Hope you all enjoyed it."

And here is Pamela's festive tea photo with her festive mug!
Look Santa's on the festive tea mug!!  He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!


Next up we have John!  
**extends microphone to John**    Please tell us what you thought of today's festive tea.
John responded:  "Well this one wasn't really MY cup of tea..." 😬

This Sleigh Ride turned into a SLAY Ride - for my tastebuds!😵 I love the smell, tasted some cinnamon, fruit, and lots of dead leaves. Reminded me of a snowless Christmas, bare bones with no wonderland." 

Yup, doesn't look like he's all that impressed by this tea either!  

John went on to say: "Maybe my palate (yes, I said palate) was spoiled for mortal food and drink after having some of Mrs. Izzard's beautiful fudge. Beyond delicious. And I am not sharing my half!"

 Fine, don't share! Be like that, I'm not your friend.  

Ok I'm your friend again!! 

My turn.  I had my festive tea time this morning when I arrived home from work.  I was cold and just came in from the snow, so seeing that the tea was Sleigh Ride sort of made me chuckle. 

 I had it without milk or sugar (because milk will curdle in this tea!)  I was not a fan of this one either.  I unintentionally let it cool down and took a sip.. .I suspect it may be amazing as an iced tea but I'm not a fan of it hot.    I had my tea time with a piece of home made fruit cake!  

Yes, the fruit cakes are all baked!  All 6 of them.  Mom has hers already and the remaining five are packed in my fridge.  Delivery of the cakes will be this coming Sunday, God willing.

****** ***** ******** **** *************  *  ****

Please remember tomorrow you need to take an EXTRA photo for the photo challenge as indicated in your tea-mail.