Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PC Chair Remote Holder

Plastic Canvas 3D Recliner Chair Remote Control Holder.  Stitched on 7 count plastic canvas using worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Bottom trimmed in lace hot glued to chair.  The chair holds 2 remotes without falling over!  Pattern by Bucilla.

I remember when I got this pattern and showed it to my husband he freaked out!  He was so excited to have such a cute holder for his tv remote that he nagged me every day until I completed it!  When I stitched this patter, I swapped out the colours requested by the pattern instructions and used colours my husband chose.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Embroidery Thread: Yellow

Embroidery Thread: 6ply Yellows

I used to have all the threads in numerical order by brand but that never worked out well for me.  I don't follow the colour charts on patterns.  When I see the photo of what the finished item should look like, I choose my own colours to stitch with and it gives the finished item it's own uniqueness.  

Embroidery Thread: Greens

Embroidery Thread:  6 ply, Greens

I've got way too much embroidery thread!  I started my "collection" back in 1993, I recall there was a craft store called W.H. Perron here in Quebec (but throughout Canada it was called White Rose).  The store was closing down for whatever reason and my sister was on vacation from work at the time.  She's also into cross stitch so she took a stroll over to the store and discovered the embroidery threads were on sale for a ridiculously low price.  I had her buy me one of everything they had!  

Crazy, I know!  But I had barely any threads at this time so it seemed like a good idea.  Then along came Ebay and now I have even more thread!  I took this photo a while back but it doesn't include the ton of thread I still have to wind onto bobbins and file in the storage containers.  

Stitch Rippers

I've got a couple of these in an assortment of colours.  I pick them up regularly at the dollar store.  These are a must have for any stitcher as they make it easy to remove unwanted stitches and errors.

CS Anniversary Doves

Cross Stitch Anniversary Doves.  Stitched on 14 count dark blue Aida fabric using embroidery thread.  Sequins and pearl beads adorn finished stitching.  Framed in 5x7" blue flexi hoop (very difficult to use these hoops!!)  Finished with white lace trim and two white fabric ribbon roses.

I made this for my in-laws for their 25th anniversary.  I got the pattern for the doves from 2001 Cross Stitch Designs

PC Tweety

Plastic Canvas Tweety Bird Magnet.  Stitched on 7 count plastic canvas with acrylic yarn.  Back is covered in felt and a long strip of magnet attached to back of crayon.  Size is about 4.5" wide.

I had a copy of the Looney Tunes Plastic Canvas leaflet and this one just blew me away!  The pattern didn't have anything written on the crayon but I decided to stitch Chill Out on it because it looked like Tweety was chilling!  ha!    I've got this magnet stuck to the side of my fridge now.... his head has become the place where we stick stray sewing needles when we stumble on them laying on the floor or on the counter or table.  At least I always know where to find a needle when I need one!!  

PC Santa Moon

Plastic Canvas Santa Moon.  Stitched on 7 count plastic canvas using acrylic yarn.  Adorned with googlie eye and fabric glitter paint.  Back covered with coordinating felt.

This was a cute pattern.  I'm always looking for cute fun patterns to do that are simple.  This one was done in 2003 which is why I marked it as such!  Glitter paint was brushed on the star to add some sparkle. 

This little guy isn't so little, he's 4.5" big.  But big enough to hide that indentation in the side of the Christmas tree (everyone has one of those annoying dents!).

PC Bedroom Slippers

Plastic Canvas slippers ornament stitched on 7 count plastic canvas using acrylic yarn.  Bottom of slippers covered with felt.  

These holiday slippers were done as our  3rd Annual Family Christmas Ornament in 2002.  This was the first pair I made and then decided to make them for my Maternal Aunts & Uncles, as well as my siblings, my parents and my Paternal Granny.  My Granny was happy to see how I was progressing with my crafting skills.

I'd done some stitching throughout the the year and when I completed one pair of these tiny slippers I knew they had to be stitched as a Christmas ornament for the family.  They just screamed of an old fashioned Christmas.  Mom used to knit us slippers to wear for Christmas when we were kids, I guess as a way to pass down the old traditions she had or simply because she wanted to keep our feet warm.  Whatever the reason, we always got handmade slippers for Christmas along with a new flannel night gown, underwear and socks..... and ..... toys!  Yup, Mom always had us looking forward to Christmas!!  

The thing I liked about this type of pattern is I got to choose what colours to use so no two pairs were identical!  The pair in this photo were stitched with the Christmas Blend yarn, so the red, white and green ended up where it ended up!  Then I tied a piece of yarn as a bow atop the slipper while other pairs had pom poms or sequins stuck to the top, and were stitched with different colour yarn.  The bottom of the slipper was covered with colour felt to closely match the colour yarn used and the two slippers were bound together (side by side as in that photo) with floral craft wire and hot glue, then strung up with a piece of fishing line (beading cord).

These ornaments measured about 3" to 3.5" long per slipper.  The pattern was from "Holiday Slippers" in plastic canvas.

Monday, July 17, 2017

CS PM Wee King

Cross stitch Precious Moments Miniature stitched on 24 count white fabric using embroidery thread.  Metallic thread used for ribbon of box and crown.  Framed in 3.5" gold round ornament frame adorned with green fabric flower, gold jingle bell and gold metallic ribbon. 

The Christmas theme for 2003 was Precious Moments Miniatures.  I have a couple of books with tons of patterns and they stitch up small enough to fit into the 3.5" frames with additional writing when stitched on 24 count over one square with single thread.  

Friday, July 14, 2017

CS PM Fall

Cross Stitch Work In Progress, Precious Moments Four Seasons "Fall". Stitched on 14 count white Aida fabric using embroidery thread.

Image result for precious moments seasons fall cross stitchI started this one in 1993 if memory serves me right. 

I still have NOT finished it!  

I still have it folded and in a plastic ziplock bag with the coloured threads to complete it.  

I often change the colours from those listed on the pattern when I stitch in most cases it's because I don't want the stitching to look exactly as the book illustration, I want it to have my own personal touch.  The original colours were white with pink or peach (as seen in that photo from the leaflet).  I used shades of purple because I had intended to turn it into a birth announcement for myself!  Yup, it was intended to have my full name and date of birth framed in a big brown wooden frame......buuuuutttttt it never got finished!  . 

CS PM Midnight Clear

Cross Stitch Precious Moments Miniatures.  Ornament size.  Stitched on 24 count white fabric using cotton embroidery thread, white glitter paint lightly brushed near girl's feet to imitate snow.  Framed in 3.5" round gold ornament frame. Finished with bold jingle bell and pink fabric flower.  Gold metallic ribbon tied to ornament for hanging. 

1999 was the first Christmas that my husband and I spent together.  He wasn't my husband at the time obviously!  But by then, I had already met his family and he met mine.  His family was larger than mine with more nieces and nephews.  That was the first year that I began stitching personalized Christmas ornaments for the kids.   These photos don't show the name stitched in as I blotted them out with Microsoft Paint. 

This ornament is from Christmas 2003.  That year, I had made all the ornaments using Precious Moments Miniatures and quoted the title of a Christmas song to go with the image stitched.  This one obviously went to a little girl, and the song title was "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear".  Stitching on 22 and 24 count fabric to make the image small enough to fit into the frame was taxing but the end result was amazing!  I still make ornaments for kids at Christmas but only two of the kids are relatives, the rest are kids that go to our church.  Our kids are all grown up and would rather have home baked cookies!  

CS PM Shepherd

Cross Stitch Precious Moments Miniatures Shepherd.  Stitched on 24 count white fabric using embroidery thread.  The title of the Christmas song "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" stitched alongside the year 2003.  Framed in 3.5" gold round frame, finished with a gold jingle bell and violet fabric rose, gold metallic ribbon tied to top of ornament for hanging.   The fabric stitching is adhered with glue board that came with the frame.  The back of the glue board is plain brown cardboard like...I don't like that so I cover it with metallic paper ribbon then seal the back to the frame with clear hot glue.

This ornament went to one of my nephews at Christmas.  I used to wait and give them the ornament with their Christmas gift.  Sometimes it was wrapped inside of their gift to surprise them, sometimes I tied them to the gift as a name tag and other times I just gave them to their parents when we gave them the gifts to put under their tree for the kids.  

CS Wedding V&E

Cross Stitch wedding announcement.  Stitched on 14 count white Aida fabric using embroidery thread.  Framed in 6" plastic white flexi hoop (that are a pain to put on).  Finished with fabric rose bud and purple bead things (I have no clue what they're called).  Two gold "wedding rings" are entangled in the purple bead things.  White lace in two different sizes adorn the frame.

I made this one for my Sister-In-Law when she got married in 2001.  I gave it to her at her bridal shower.  I got the pattern from EMS Designs.  I just added the words to it.  

She still has this hanging on the wall in her home.

CS PM Pumpkin

Cross Stitch Precious Moments pumpkin.  Stitched on 14 count white Aida fabric using embroidery thread.  Framed in 10" round plastic hoop.  Finished with Halloween bow, and pale orange lace, black lace and fine white lace. 

I stitched this one in the spring of 2002.  I stitched the boy and girl to match my husband and me.  There's also a mistake in the stitching...I forgot 8 stitches on the pant leg of the boy where his pants meet his shoe.  I only noticed the missed stitches two years ago!  ha! 

I've got this one hanging on the wall at home.

CS PM First Christmas

Cross Stitch Precious Moments Christmas stitched on 14 count white Aida fabric using embroidery thread and adorned with beads and sequins. Framed in a 10" plastic flexi hoop (that was hard as heck to get on) and trimmed with red and white lace of various sizes. Green velvet ribbon on top.

This one was the first "big" cross stitch project I'd ever done!  I got the pattern for free from Zellers in their craft section like a "free take one" leaflet from DMC threads.  I thought it was so cute with these two big head kids.  I had changed some of the colours out to reflect my husband and I.  Actually, that was our first Christmas together (1999) so I stitched this pattern to reflect that (though we were only dating at the time)  I swapped out the colours of the kids outfits to reflect our eh!  and the skin tones to try and match our own but I failed on that attempt, look at the cheeks!  ugh!  And I mistakenly used variegated embroidery thread for the rug so it looks kind of funky but I like it.  

This one hangs on the wall in our home.

Gran Taught Me

My Grandmother had her own craft shop.  Back in the day, folks who had craft shops had them in their homes and folks would drop by to purchase a hand made dish cloth or baby ensemble or mittens and such.  

I didn't live in the same city as my Gran, she was out East.  She used to send me hand made items through the mail.  I have a pillow she made (I still have it!)  and I have a sweater that she knit for me but it never fit... I still have it too, hanging in my closet in a garment bag.  She knit me mittens every winter for a long time.  I have peach, white, off white (my favourite ones), blue, navy, red (I lost a red one though), yellow and a green/white mix.  And yes, I still have them all stored away in a bag in my keepsake trunk in a closet... except the off white pair, I wear those in the winter to keep my hands warm!  I also have a ribbon and lace decorated heart that she made which is now hung on a the outside of my bathroom door and a hot pot.  I never used the hot pot (aka pot holder) because it was too cute, it had a teddy bear and a red heart printed on the front of it.  And of course, I have a crochet throw blanket.  I've got other small items too, she was always dropping me something in the mail in response to my letters.  I kept them because I knew it took time to create them and the love that went into the creation meant a lot to me.

It's been ten years since my Gran's passing.  I do miss her dearly.  I used to write her letters... used to joke and call her my therapist!  She'd laugh.  But the one thing I am ever so grateful for is that she taught me to love crafting.  She was the one who taught me the crochet granny-square.  And she encouraged me to keep with the cross stitch when I first made one as a gift for her but it turned out a hot mess.  I just truly am grateful that she and I shared crafts back and forth through the snail mail, it's one of my fondest memories of her.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

PC Blushing Enoji

Handmade Plastic Canvas blushing emoji magnet stitched on 7 count plastic canvas with acrylic yarn. Back is covered with coordinating colour felt.  One round magnet button glued to back.  

I made this one recently.  I'd come across a pattern for the emojis and picked the ones I liked the best just to give them a try.  

I've got this little guy up for sale in my etsy shop:  Craftily Sewn 

Susan Eh From Flickr

I've been on Flickr photo sharing for years and unfortunately the app seems to get worse with each "new update".  I've decided to transfer all my crafts over here to blogger where I can easily share one of my greatest joys:  crafting!   

I do have a Pinterest account and I do post my handiwork up there but I really love the groups and whatnot that exist on Flickr, which is why I'm really reluctant to actually remove anything from there.  I do have an etsy shop set up that sells some of these items though most of them are made as gifts for family and friends.  I just like to stitch!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Break Time

I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual day to day blogging stuff to focus on adding some craft stuff to this blog.  I've got tons of photos over on Flickr of crafts I've done and I have plenty more that haven't been posted yet.  My friend will be happy, she's usually criticizing my blog and was the one who suggested I just keep everything in one place.   Initially, I had intended to create a new blog solely for crafts but she said, and I quote "no you can't do that!  you have to keep all your shit in one place".  sigh.... at least she keeps it real.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Can It Be Extreme Hair Growth?

I noticed recently that my hair has grown in much MUCH thicker than it used to be.  I haven't had hair this thick and healthy since I was a kid.  I had a friend tell me it's probably because I've finally let it grow after being cut so frequently (meaning the grow back from a pixie cut).  It also has appeared to have grown in much quicker too. But I know there are other factors that may have contributed to this...

#1: Drink Rooibos tea!

I've fallen in love with red tea (Rooibos or Red Bush tea).  I was first introduced to this darling of a tea on a trip to England where my husband's uncle only drinks the rooibos.  One day he offered me a cup of tea and I've been hooked ever since.  Red tea comes in a variety of flavours (green, earl grey), I've purchased these from David's Tea.  Red tea is also very rich in calcium, potassium and other minerals, and is a good source of antioxidants.  I looked that tidbit up on the google.  So basically besides being good for your health, it's also good for your hair so drink up!!

#2 Drink lots of water

I've been drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.  I'm really doing that for two reasons: weight loss and hydration for my inner pipes.  I usually don't get even two glasses of water in a day so to ensure I drink at least 2 litres, I've kept aside a 2 litre fruit juice bottle, filled with water and set aside on my desk so while I work I sip.  When I'm home I have a mason jar on the counter and I make sure to drink at least two full jars of water (that will make up the third litre).  Yes I pee a lot but my skin is like wow!  My nails are growing healthier too but I keep em short so that don't matter.  But my hair is growing like a chia pet!  ha!

#3 Take a regular multivitamin along with the vitamin B 100 complex. (don't over take the biotin and pregnancy vitamins because its still too much biotin).

I've heard lots of folks talk about the biotin vitamin.  Ya I tried that 2000mcg of biotin once for a week and my scalp itched like ants under my skin.  Turns out that's an allergic reaction!  My body was compensating for the over dose of one vitamin when the others were at regular amounts.  I turned to taking either the Centrum Women's daily vitamin (has 45mcg of biotin) and is a great source of vitamins and minerals for women's health.  I had also used at one time the One A Day Carb Smart vitamins, they had I think 50 or 75mcg of biotin, I can't remember but basically I take a multivitamin for women's health on a daily basis.  I also take the vitamin B 100 complex. Yes, the potent vitamin B because what your body doesn't need, you pee out. There is also biotin in the vitamin B.  once in a while I take iron tablets but that's on doctors orders. So a regular daily multivitamin and vitamin b 100 complex.

#4 Wash hair often enough and massage scalp.

I do take care of my hair by washing it frequently.  I don't let hair products build up in my hair, nor do I wear tight hair styles.  I honestly don't know how folks can go more than a week without washing their hair.  Even just cowashing (how does that remove the build up of product?).  Find a good shampoo and stick to the one brand.  I also give myself a scalp massage twice a day!  Sounds strange but just do this and it's habit forming, honestly, when I comb my hair in the morning, first I massage my scalp with my fingertips to get the blood circulating.  Before heading to bed, same thing.  If I get a chance throughout the day to massage my scalp then I do, it also keeps headaches and tension at bay.

#5 Eat more protein

Eating better... well I'm still working on that one but I do eat more protein than ever but that's more to help my arm heal than aiding my hair growth but hey it's like two birds with one stone right!

I'm tempted to cut my hair again but another part of me wants to just leave it and see how long it will grow....but handling it with an arm injury that has considerably weakened my arms is just taxing.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Back On Track

Image result for jog

It's been quite a while but I've finally got myself back out jogging.  Last week I ran twice.  I didn't do as bad as I thought I would.  I only ran 2.2km each day with one day in between to rest.  It was kind of tough going and believe it or not, it wasn't because I was coughing up a lung.  The injury to my arm was aching.  The jiggly movement while jogging caused my arm to ache and I couldn't stand it.  The second day I jogged, I wrapped the arm up but not tight enough so it pained me but just not as much as the previous run.

I'm jumping the gun to a 5km run this week.  I didn't run on Monday, though I should never miss a Monday... I missed Monday so I'm still going to force myself to get the three running days in.  Let's see how that goes.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hide And Go Seek

So here's the thing....I've got this small tattoo that I wish I never got.  Sure I can always get it removed but why bother, it's covered up sometimes.  The odd time that is jumps out and surprises everyone is when I wish I had something to hide it with. 

Enter Maybelline's Master Conceal camouflaging concealear.  I purchased it the other day just out of curiosity and because I need the little guy to be hidden this weekend because of the outfit I may wear (if I may not wear the outfit, I wouldn't have bothered to make the purchase, get what I'm saying).  So anyway I purchased the #40 Medium for my brown skin.  I couldn't wait to try it out so while I was at work I popped a bit onto the little tat and it really didn't disappear but it kinda got hidden.  So unless someone is up close and personal to me and eyeballing me in my personal space, the tattoo may go undetected.

I don't wear concealer on my face though I probably should to cover some imperfections but hey, I like my imperfections (I just don't like that tattoo any more).   A word of advise:  anyone considering a tattoo, try henna or temporary ones first!   

Anyway, that's my deal.  Would I recommend it, um, I guess it depends on the size of tattoo one is trying to hide otherwise no I wouldn't and it cost an arm and a leg.  I got the tiny 12ml (4 fl.oz) tube at a whopping $13.99CDN on sale!!!  ouch!   I think I paid $3.99 for concealer and $10 for the Maybelline name.  Ha!  ok that's really not funny.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Week

Image result for one week movie

A couple of weeks ago I was watching television when I stumbled on a movie that was just about to end.  I was bored, tired of channel surfing and just left it there on the end of that movie.  That movie that suddenly caught hold of my attention.  I was quick to check the guide to see the name of it and then searched for when it would air again so I could set the PVR.

I watched it.  I'm not usually a big fan of movies made in Canada.  I know, sounds real stupid considering I'm Canadian but I'm a "big star" movie watcher and if there's no "big star" in the movie then I'm not watching.  

Like I said, real stupid.

Anyway, I think this movie changed my viewpoint.  Sure the main character was fairly well known to me (from the Dawson's Creek years to be honest) but the film itself was actually GOOD!  

To sum it up... the film is about a man (the main character) who finds out he has stage four cancer, no beating around the bush, just like that.  He's engaged to be married, lives a relatively normal non exciting life and now he's hit with this big bag news.  He buys a motorcycle and rides across Canada. 

The film highlights some great tourist spots along Canada... most that I've never seen but now want to see!!!  It also deals with his relationship with his fiancĂ© (is he really in love or just settling for someone to marry).  The soundtrack was pretty amazing too and went well with the film.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No Win Situation

Who would have thought that sleeping with a shoulder injury would be next to impossible.  With the frozen shoulder, I had to prop my arm up on a pillow when I slept on my (uninjured) side.  I had to put a pillow under my injured shoulder and arm if I slept on my back.  Rolling over was a fast and painful wake up call!  

Over the first few weeks of the injury, my arm lost almost all strength.  I was unable to reach for the blanket with the injured arm because I couldn't lift it off the bed!  It took almost two months for me to be able to lift it and to move it to grab the blankets (and ya, I tried each and every time I went to bed just to see if I was making any progress with the physiotherapy).  

Reaching for anything made me feel like a T-Rex.... short arms type of thing.  I used to stand in the shower and reach up to see if I could touch the shower curtain rod.  I couldn't.  I'm tall but couldn't reach the rod with my injured arm.   Every shower I took, I reached up and got totally annoyed when I couldn't reach it.  You see, the hot water beating on my shoulder as I reached helped to ease the pain of over reaching the frozen shoulder.  

I used ice, hot showers, Votarin gel and other cold/hot muscle rubs to ease the pain in my arm.  I took ibuprofen for the inflammation until my doctor prescribed some meds.  That irritated the hell out of my stomach and intestines thanks for that!  ugh.

Anyway, six months later, I can reach the shower rod, and further, yay, I'm still stretching the arm though because putting my arms straight above my head is a no go, as is holding my arms out stretched like the Christ statue is a no go.  

To add insult to injury..... as my left arm is now pretty much 85% healed to what it used to be, my right arm is this close to being frozen!  The over use of the right arm to compensate for the weakened left one has left the right bicep muscle over used and aching.  It hurts to even type this!!!  wow.   I am making sure to lift and rotate the right arm daily because I just need to leave it set for over 36 hours and ....adhesive capsulitis.  I can already feel the pain with some movements now and this is why I continue to use it rather than rest is completely.  NO win situation.

And there you have it!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Injury

I'm not even sure where to begin this post.... So I'll start at the beginning.

This past fall I'd been doing some light exercises to strengthen my bicep muscles.  The left one was feeling rather weak.  In late October, about a week before Halloween, I came home from work on a Friday morning and went straight to bed.  My left arm was paining me so as I lay on my left side, I used my right hand to massage the left bicep....

Then I fell asleep.....

Then I heard a sound that was loud enough to startle me awake!   I went to sit up and injured my left arm.  You see, while I lay on my left side, I fell asleep with my right hand resting on my left bicep.  When I heard the noise, I went to sit up and put all my weight into my right hand and pushed myself to sit up.  As my right hand was still on my left arm, all the weight I pushed into my arm caused trauma to my left bicep.  Lifting my upper body at the same time as my right hand held my left arm in place caused a minor tear in the left shoulder tendon. Small, insignificant and discomforting pain.  I went back to sleep after popping a couple of ibuprofen.

As the days passed, I found my left arm getting weaker, my shoulder was feeling stiff and a moderate numbing pain that wouldn't subside was causing my hot flashes to flare out of control.  I finally, after four or five days, went to see my doctor.  

I had the arm x-rayed to be certain no fractures to the bone, and then the doctor said put it in a sling for three or four days so I won't use the arm and it can heal the double injury (shoulder and bicep).

What's that they say about hindsight?  

She obviously forgot about Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder.  When excessive inflammation causes your shoulder to hold still in a short range of motion right down to the back of the shoulder blade too. Sleeping is next to impossible.  Always had to sleep on my back with tons of pillows propping me up and preventing me from rolling over.  Any movement out of the frozen range will result in mind blowing pain for up to three full minutes.  And the best part (ya, that was sarcasm) it could take anywhere from nine months to twenty four months to thaw.  

My left shoulder was officially frozen after being in the sling for four days. be continued

Friday, May 5, 2017

Calgon Body Mist

Bring on the Calgon!!!

Remember the commercial "calgon, take me away!!"  well this is the same stuff.  They have a new line of body mists, bath and shower gels and body creams.  


I think I've tried four of the body mists, its really the only way to find the one I really like the most but thus far I like em all.  The scents of the mists are soft and floral.  I've tried the Hawaiian Ginger, which is amazing as is the Morning Glory, the Vanilla and the Japanese Cherry Blossom.  I've only discovered the body creams the other day and I've got them in Hawaiian Ginger, and in Japanese Cherry Blossom.  The creams aren't that cheap thin lotion type, they are relatively thick and in a tube rather than a jar or bottle. They also are quite moisturising too. When the creams are used along with the mist... oh la la la la!   Lovely, simply lovely. These would be great for folks like me who don't really like over powering perfume but prefer light airy floral scents.

Price range is about $6 - $10 Canadian dollars depending on whether they're purchased in a pharmacy or at Walmart.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Titanium Flat Iron

A couple of weeks ago I used my points from Pharmaprix to get a Conair Titanium flat iron.  I used to use ceramic flat irons but having to pass over my hair multiple times just made the job tedious. I really don't want to be spending more time than I have to on my hair.

I had intended on buying a Turmoline Ceramic flat iron, also by Conair (because Conair is the only brand that Pharmaprix sells from what I noticed!) but when I spied he prices on each, both were practically the same price, and with my points...that means FREE.   

A couple years back I had borrowed my sister-in-law's titanium flat iron, not sure what brand it was but it worked really well, she had paid almost $100 for it if memory serves me well.  I was only in possession of it for about a month before I had to give it back, she was growing her hair back and I was about to cut mine off anyway but I always said to myself, if I ever grow my hair back I'm getting a titanium flat iron!  

After owning the Conair Titanium iron for a couple weeks, I finally used it today.  My hair was freshly washed (and dried, and curly with shrinkage) and no, I'm not natural, I do perm my hair straight because it's my hair and I shall do with it as I please, however, I hadn't blow dried my hair so it was curly.  The flat iron was amazing, one pass on each section of hair and it went straight.  If I had heat protector spray on it, I could have gone a second pass and made it really bone straight but I don't need that anyway.

I'm happy with the iron, but still fear the heat settings so I only use it on the low heat setting.  The iron retails for $80 at Pharmaprix before taxes but I got it free with my points, yay!  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretend Chef

So lately I've been trying my hand at new recipes.  West Indian recipes!  Yes, my husband is from the West Indies but I only cook Canadian....until now!

I've been surfing the net and followed a small handful of websites that are cooking blogs until I found the jackpot website!   Well it's the jackpot for me because they also have s YouTube channel! How cool is that eh!  

The guy in the videos had this awesome frying pan...I coveted that pan!  

I went to Walmart and got one similar to it, and a smaller one too!  Ahh ha!  I'm officially a chef.  Ok not so much.  I'm still trying more of the recipes but let me tell you, it's a trip! 

Oh, before I forget, the website is, and the YouTube user is also caribbeanpot.  The guy is like here in Canada, so when he tells you a recipe he also explains what to use as a substitute in case you don't have access to West Indian grocery shops, but there's a couple near here so no worries for me.  Anyhow, that's my big deal right now....learning to cook.  

I'm going to get so fat now. Ugh!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spice Dragon Red Chai

I was supposed to go to David's Tea today to pick up some Rooibos tea but it was raining and I got lazy.  I managed to find my way to the grocery store where I picked up some Spice Dragon Red Chai by Stash.   Now this isn't the first time I've tried teas by Stash but it is the first time I've tried this particular flavor.

The bags inside were individually wrapped to maintain flavour.  

Get to the point..... I liked it.  It tastes just like the Twinings Apple Spice Chai.  Only difference is Twinings uses Black tea instead of Red tea, otherwise they are identical in taste.  I prefer it as a lattĂ©, you know, the fancy way of saying "with milk".  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Quaker Bran Muffins

 I guess I could call this a product review.  The other day I purchased a package of Quaker Bran Muffin mix and figured, what the hey, it's on sale so why not.  I've purchased Quaker Muffin mixes in the past, I believe it was the oatmeal that I used, can't recall if I liked them or not.  But this bran mix is totally delicious.  

The package claims it makes 24 but the directions are given for 12.  No problem just make two batches right?  You'd think so but though the measurement says use 3 1/3 cups loosely packed muffin mix, when I measured it ou it's a bit more than half the package and the instructions note the it's about half the package.... Notice that small word there "ABOUT" as in not actually half.  I will be really surprised if I get 12 more muffins out of the leftover mix.  Anyway, that aside, the instructions are easy, just add your muffin mix in a mixing bowl, add one large egg and 1 1/3 cup of water.  Mix everything together with a mixing spatula then spoon into paper-lined muffin tin and bake for 20 minutes in preheated oven.  I added currants to mine because it's all I had.  Still nice, moist, tasty and great to curb the junkfood craving.  

I recommend this product ! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Adventure Begins

Well, here I am again for another run at blogging.  I wanted to start fresh, with a new title and look but will still keep the same type of stuff uploaded as before.  Soon enough I'll be sharing more memories, misgivings, stupidness and the like.  It was certainly time for change, and I'll get into that in another post, so for now, I hope you can be a bit patient with me as I get this page formatted and looking as it should.