Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretend Chef

So lately I've been trying my hand at new recipes.  West Indian recipes!  Yes, my husband is from the West Indies but I only cook Canadian....until now!

I've been surfing the net and followed a small handful of websites that are cooking blogs until I found the jackpot website!   Well it's the jackpot for me because they also have s YouTube channel! How cool is that eh!  

The guy in the videos had this awesome frying pan...I coveted that pan!  

I went to Walmart and got one similar to it, and a smaller one too!  Ahh ha!  I'm officially a chef.  Ok not so much.  I'm still trying more of the recipes but let me tell you, it's a trip! 

Oh, before I forget, the website is, and the YouTube user is also caribbeanpot.  The guy is like here in Canada, so when he tells you a recipe he also explains what to use as a substitute in case you don't have access to West Indian grocery shops, but there's a couple near here so no worries for me.  Anyhow, that's my big deal right now....learning to cook.  

I'm going to get so fat now. Ugh!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spice Dragon Red Chai

I was supposed to go to David's Tea today to pick up some Rooibos tea but it was raining and I got lazy.  I managed to find my way to the grocery store where I picked up some Spice Dragon Red Chai by Stash.   Now this isn't the first time I've tried teas by Stash but it is the first time I've tried this particular flavor.

The bags inside were individually wrapped to maintain flavour.  

Get to the point..... I liked it.  It tastes just like the Twinings Apple Spice Chai.  Only difference is Twinings uses Black tea instead of Red tea, otherwise they are identical in taste.  I prefer it as a latté, you know, the fancy way of saying "with milk".