Friday, May 5, 2017

Calgon Body Mist

Bring on the Calgon!!!

Remember the commercial "calgon, take me away!!"  well this is the same stuff.  They have a new line of body mists, bath and shower gels and body creams.  


I think I've tried four of the body mists, its really the only way to find the one I really like the most but thus far I like em all.  The scents of the mists are soft and floral.  I've tried the Hawaiian Ginger, which is amazing as is the Morning Glory, the Vanilla and the Japanese Cherry Blossom.  I've only discovered the body creams the other day and I've got them in Hawaiian Ginger, and in Japanese Cherry Blossom.  The creams aren't that cheap thin lotion type, they are relatively thick and in a tube rather than a jar or bottle. They also are quite moisturising too. When the creams are used along with the mist... oh la la la la!   Lovely, simply lovely. These would be great for folks like me who don't really like over powering perfume but prefer light airy floral scents.

Price range is about $6 - $10 Canadian dollars depending on whether they're purchased in a pharmacy or at Walmart.

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