Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No Win Situation

Who would have thought that sleeping with a shoulder injury would be next to impossible.  With the frozen shoulder, I had to prop my arm up on a pillow when I slept on my (uninjured) side.  I had to put a pillow under my injured shoulder and arm if I slept on my back.  Rolling over was a fast and painful wake up call!  

Over the first few weeks of the injury, my arm lost almost all strength.  I was unable to reach for the blanket with the injured arm because I couldn't lift it off the bed!  It took almost two months for me to be able to lift it and to move it to grab the blankets (and ya, I tried each and every time I went to bed just to see if I was making any progress with the physiotherapy).  

Reaching for anything made me feel like a T-Rex.... short arms type of thing.  I used to stand in the shower and reach up to see if I could touch the shower curtain rod.  I couldn't.  I'm tall but couldn't reach the rod with my injured arm.   Every shower I took, I reached up and got totally annoyed when I couldn't reach it.  You see, the hot water beating on my shoulder as I reached helped to ease the pain of over reaching the frozen shoulder.  

I used ice, hot showers, Votarin gel and other cold/hot muscle rubs to ease the pain in my arm.  I took ibuprofen for the inflammation until my doctor prescribed some meds.  That irritated the hell out of my stomach and intestines thanks for that!  ugh.

Anyway, six months later, I can reach the shower rod, and further, yay, I'm still stretching the arm though because putting my arms straight above my head is a no go, as is holding my arms out stretched like the Christ statue is a no go.  

To add insult to injury..... as my left arm is now pretty much 85% healed to what it used to be, my right arm is this close to being frozen!  The over use of the right arm to compensate for the weakened left one has left the right bicep muscle over used and aching.  It hurts to even type this!!!  wow.   I am making sure to lift and rotate the right arm daily because I just need to leave it set for over 36 hours and ....adhesive capsulitis.  I can already feel the pain with some movements now and this is why I continue to use it rather than rest is completely.  NO win situation.

And there you have it!

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