Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Week

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A couple of weeks ago I was watching television when I stumbled on a movie that was just about to end.  I was bored, tired of channel surfing and just left it there on the end of that movie.  That movie that suddenly caught hold of my attention.  I was quick to check the guide to see the name of it and then searched for when it would air again so I could set the PVR.

I watched it.  I'm not usually a big fan of movies made in Canada.  I know, sounds real stupid considering I'm Canadian but I'm a "big star" movie watcher and if there's no "big star" in the movie then I'm not watching.  

Like I said, real stupid.

Anyway, I think this movie changed my viewpoint.  Sure the main character was fairly well known to me (from the Dawson's Creek years to be honest) but the film itself was actually GOOD!  

To sum it up... the film is about a man (the main character) who finds out he has stage four cancer, no beating around the bush, just like that.  He's engaged to be married, lives a relatively normal non exciting life and now he's hit with this big bag news.  He buys a motorcycle and rides across Canada. 

The film highlights some great tourist spots along Canada... most that I've never seen but now want to see!!!  It also deals with his relationship with his fiancé (is he really in love or just settling for someone to marry).  The soundtrack was pretty amazing too and went well with the film.  

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