Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Injury

I'm not even sure where to begin this post.... So I'll start at the beginning.

This past fall I'd been doing some light exercises to strengthen my bicep muscles.  The left one was feeling rather weak.  In late October, about a week before Halloween, I came home from work on a Friday morning and went straight to bed.  My left arm was paining me so as I lay on my left side, I used my right hand to massage the left bicep....

Then I fell asleep.....

Then I heard a sound that was loud enough to startle me awake!   I went to sit up and injured my left arm.  You see, while I lay on my left side, I fell asleep with my right hand resting on my left bicep.  When I heard the noise, I went to sit up and put all my weight into my right hand and pushed myself to sit up.  As my right hand was still on my left arm, all the weight I pushed into my arm caused trauma to my left bicep.  Lifting my upper body at the same time as my right hand held my left arm in place caused a minor tear in the left shoulder tendon. Small, insignificant and discomforting pain.  I went back to sleep after popping a couple of ibuprofen.

As the days passed, I found my left arm getting weaker, my shoulder was feeling stiff and a moderate numbing pain that wouldn't subside was causing my hot flashes to flare out of control.  I finally, after four or five days, went to see my doctor.  

I had the arm x-rayed to be certain no fractures to the bone, and then the doctor said put it in a sling for three or four days so I won't use the arm and it can heal the double injury (shoulder and bicep).

What's that they say about hindsight?  

She obviously forgot about Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder.  When excessive inflammation causes your shoulder to hold still in a short range of motion right down to the back of the shoulder blade too. Sleeping is next to impossible.  Always had to sleep on my back with tons of pillows propping me up and preventing me from rolling over.  Any movement out of the frozen range will result in mind blowing pain for up to three full minutes.  And the best part (ya, that was sarcasm) it could take anywhere from nine months to twenty four months to thaw.  

My left shoulder was officially frozen after being in the sling for four days. be continued