Monday, May 1, 2017

Titanium Flat Iron

A couple of weeks ago I used my points from Pharmaprix to get a Conair Titanium flat iron.  I used to use ceramic flat irons but having to pass over my hair multiple times just made the job tedious. I really don't want to be spending more time than I have to on my hair.

I had intended on buying a Turmoline Ceramic flat iron, also by Conair (because Conair is the only brand that Pharmaprix sells from what I noticed!) but when I spied he prices on each, both were practically the same price, and with my points...that means FREE.   

A couple years back I had borrowed my sister-in-law's titanium flat iron, not sure what brand it was but it worked really well, she had paid almost $100 for it if memory serves me well.  I was only in possession of it for about a month before I had to give it back, she was growing her hair back and I was about to cut mine off anyway but I always said to myself, if I ever grow my hair back I'm getting a titanium flat iron!  

After owning the Conair Titanium iron for a couple weeks, I finally used it today.  My hair was freshly washed (and dried, and curly with shrinkage) and no, I'm not natural, I do perm my hair straight because it's my hair and I shall do with it as I please, however, I hadn't blow dried my hair so it was curly.  The flat iron was amazing, one pass on each section of hair and it went straight.  If I had heat protector spray on it, I could have gone a second pass and made it really bone straight but I don't need that anyway.

I'm happy with the iron, but still fear the heat settings so I only use it on the low heat setting.  The iron retails for $80 at Pharmaprix before taxes but I got it free with my points, yay!  

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