Friday, June 16, 2017

Hide And Go Seek

So here's the thing....I've got this small tattoo that I wish I never got.  Sure I can always get it removed but why bother, it's covered up sometimes.  The odd time that is jumps out and surprises everyone is when I wish I had something to hide it with. 

Enter Maybelline's Master Conceal camouflaging concealear.  I purchased it the other day just out of curiosity and because I need the little guy to be hidden this weekend because of the outfit I may wear (if I may not wear the outfit, I wouldn't have bothered to make the purchase, get what I'm saying).  So anyway I purchased the #40 Medium for my brown skin.  I couldn't wait to try it out so while I was at work I popped a bit onto the little tat and it really didn't disappear but it kinda got hidden.  So unless someone is up close and personal to me and eyeballing me in my personal space, the tattoo may go undetected.

I don't wear concealer on my face though I probably should to cover some imperfections but hey, I like my imperfections (I just don't like that tattoo any more).   A word of advise:  anyone considering a tattoo, try henna or temporary ones first!   

Anyway, that's my deal.  Would I recommend it, um, I guess it depends on the size of tattoo one is trying to hide otherwise no I wouldn't and it cost an arm and a leg.  I got the tiny 12ml (4 fl.oz) tube at a whopping $13.99CDN on sale!!!  ouch!   I think I paid $3.99 for concealer and $10 for the Maybelline name.  Ha!  ok that's really not funny.