Friday, July 14, 2017

Gran Taught Me

My Grandmother had her own craft shop.  Back in the day, folks who had craft shops had them in their homes and folks would drop by to purchase a hand made dish cloth or baby ensemble or mittens and such.  

I didn't live in the same city as my Gran, she was out East.  She used to send me hand made items through the mail.  I have a pillow she made (I still have it!)  and I have a sweater that she knit for me but it never fit... I still have it too, hanging in my closet in a garment bag.  She knit me mittens every winter for a long time.  I have peach, white, off white (my favourite ones), blue, navy, red (I lost a red one though), yellow and a green/white mix.  And yes, I still have them all stored away in a bag in my keepsake trunk in a closet... except the off white pair, I wear those in the winter to keep my hands warm!  I also have a ribbon and lace decorated heart that she made which is now hung on a the outside of my bathroom door and a hot pot.  I never used the hot pot (aka pot holder) because it was too cute, it had a teddy bear and a red heart printed on the front of it.  And of course, I have a crochet throw blanket.  I've got other small items too, she was always dropping me something in the mail in response to my letters.  I kept them because I knew it took time to create them and the love that went into the creation meant a lot to me.

It's been ten years since my Gran's passing.  I do miss her dearly.  I used to write her letters... used to joke and call her my therapist!  She'd laugh.  But the one thing I am ever so grateful for is that she taught me to love crafting.  She was the one who taught me the crochet granny-square.  And she encouraged me to keep with the cross stitch when I first made one as a gift for her but it turned out a hot mess.  I just truly am grateful that she and I shared crafts back and forth through the snail mail, it's one of my fondest memories of her.  

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