Tuesday, July 18, 2017

PC Bedroom Slippers

Plastic Canvas slippers ornament stitched on 7 count plastic canvas using acrylic yarn.  Bottom of slippers covered with felt.  

These holiday slippers were done as our  3rd Annual Family Christmas Ornament in 2002.  This was the first pair I made and then decided to make them for my Maternal Aunts & Uncles, as well as my siblings, my parents and my Paternal Granny.  My Granny was happy to see how I was progressing with my crafting skills.

I'd done some stitching throughout the the year and when I completed one pair of these tiny slippers I knew they had to be stitched as a Christmas ornament for the family.  They just screamed of an old fashioned Christmas.  Mom used to knit us slippers to wear for Christmas when we were kids, I guess as a way to pass down the old traditions she had or simply because she wanted to keep our feet warm.  Whatever the reason, we always got handmade slippers for Christmas along with a new flannel night gown, underwear and socks..... and ..... toys!  Yup, Mom always had us looking forward to Christmas!!  

The thing I liked about this type of pattern is I got to choose what colours to use so no two pairs were identical!  The pair in this photo were stitched with the Christmas Blend yarn, so the red, white and green ended up where it ended up!  Then I tied a piece of yarn as a bow atop the slipper while other pairs had pom poms or sequins stuck to the top, and were stitched with different colour yarn.  The bottom of the slipper was covered with colour felt to closely match the colour yarn used and the two slippers were bound together (side by side as in that photo) with floral craft wire and hot glue, then strung up with a piece of fishing line (beading cord).

These ornaments measured about 3" to 3.5" long per slipper.  The pattern was from "Holiday Slippers" in plastic canvas.

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